What’s Happening with… STEWARDSHIP                                 

Stewardship describes the care-filled tending of both financial and physical resources.

The physical aspect of stewardship enjoys:

  • The Buildings and Grounds group meeting every Tuesday morning, for maintenance and finishing projects on the building;
  • The weekly Gardening crew making the grounds beautiful most Tuesday mornings, rain or shine;
  • The Community Art Wall, which changes monthly and has brought many people into the building – it could also be considered outreach, or connecting – making the point that all our work interweaves. It is part of Aesthetics, addressing the interior of the building.

The financial aspect of stewardship enjoys:

  • The annual Book Sale;
  • The annual Auction;
  • The annual Pledge Drive;
  • The ongoing Capital Campaign;
  • Fair Trade coffee for sale in the south entry hallway every Sunday!