When you or your loved ones are in need of spiritual care, here are the various ways to reach out. 

If you are concerned you are feeling low enough to harm yourself or others,
please call 911 or the national suicide and crisis lifeline: 988. 

If you are grieving a loss and in need of support, here’s a list of Grief Resources.

Individual Pastoral Meetings

Our Minister, Rev. Jen Youngsun Ryu, and Ministerial Intern, Tina DeYoe, are available for Pastoral Counseling, and can be reached by phone or email.

The Lay Pastoral Associates are laity at UUCE who have been trained in pastoral care.  Each brings something unique to pastoral care – you can read more about them  here.

Online Joys & Sorrows

Click here to Submit your Joys and Sorrows. These will be shared only with the Minister.

Joys & Sorrows Book in the Sanctuary

You may write in the Joys and Sorrows Prayer Book at any time. These entries are reviewed by our Minister. 

Joys & Sorrows in the Zoom Chat

Every week, a copy of the Zoom Chat transcript is shared with our Minster for appropriate follow-up. 

Minister's Discretionary Fund (also known as Pastoral Care Fund)

For assistance with financial crisis or difficulty, contact Rev. Jen directly. 

Check-in Calls & Other Forms of Kindness

For those who wish to receive periodic phone calls, a member of our Kindness Team will check in as requested.  They can also provide meals in times of need.   Contact kindness@uueugene.org to get in touch!