The “Spirit of Life” hymn echoes with the words roots hold me close; wings set me free, reminding us of our faith’s living tradition. Unitarian Universalists treasure the stories and wisdom given by our spiritual ancestors, and we also embrace new learning. We celebrate the diversity that enriches our faith and strive to deepen our understanding through continuous growth and expansion of our wisdom.

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Sunday Service, July 7, 2024

10:00am, Sanctuary and Zoom  

Voting Is Not Enough:
A Conversation about Reimagining Democracy
David Bockoven and Bob Cerince

The looming U.S. elections in November feel to many like an existential crisis for our basic democratic system and institutions. Rather than despairing, we could view this situation as an opportunity to rethink how we “do” democracy in this country and how we approach decision-making in our lives in a wider sense. We plan to leave you with a list of practical actions one can take to help nurture a democratic outlook in ourselves and in our world.

Singing together:

  • Hymn #1018 Come and Go With Me
  • Hymn #159 This Is My Song
  • Hymn #121 We’ll Build a Land

This week’s offering will benefit UU the Vote.

During worship, Room 1 is a space for people who need or prefer less sensory stimulation. Thank you for using this room respectfully and mindfully.

Justice: Faith in Action

Ours is a faith that seeks and does justice. That work is, as the Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker says, a “striving for what is not yet but could be.”

A church doing justice work differs from the way other organizations or institutions do justice work in its grounding, framing, and motivation. In what guides us as we do the work. In what we return to when threatened by discouragement or violence. If we want to go the distance, then we must have a firm footing to live from, not just morally or intellectually or ethically, but spiritually.

Get involved with Environmental Justice, Economic Justice, Legislative Action, and Racial Justice today!

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