Our Mission

Empowered by love, we transform ourselves and serve our world.

At our congregation you will find:

  • A congregation that aspires to practice and extend welcome and hospitality.
  • Come as you are – and expect to be transformed!
  • That we are a community freely bound to one another by principles that honor the inherent worth and dignity of persons; the responsible search for truth and meaning; a commitment to living out our faith in the service of compassion and justice; and an understanding that we are intricately connected with the web of all life.
  • Creative, meaningful, diverse worship; opportunities to deepen one’s spiritual and religious life through small group and class offerings; activities that allow you to connect to your most authentic self and to others.
  • Persons who have various mediation practices, study Gi Gong and Tai Chi, find their spirituality in the natural world, study Buddhism, are Wiccan or Pagan, are Theists, are Atheists, are Agnostic, come from Christian and Jewish backgrounds, come from no religious backgrounds at all, are seekers, are Mystics, are Humanists, and more.
  • The inclusion of all ages from cradle to sage in our shared community life.
  • A commitment to developing a lens of intersectionality:the complex, cumulative manner in which the effects of different forms of discrimination combine, overlap, or intersect.”
  •  A building that is wheelchair accessible and has a loop system in the sanctuary for the hearing impaired.

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UUCE Covenant of Right Relations

“We covenant to build a religious community guided by respect and sustained by our principles. We will listen appreciatively, speak with care, express gratitude, honor our differences, and assume good intentions. We will communicate directly, honestly and compassionately – particularly when we are in conflict. When we hurt one another we will ask for forgiveness and make amends, and when we are hurt we will try to forgive and reconnect in a spirit of right relationship. In celebration of the common mission that unites us, we will abide by this covenant.”

History of UUCE

We are a strong community of spiritual seekers, ethical humanists, and believers in social justice. Our members identify with and draw inspiration from Christianity, Humanism, Paganism, Judaism and other religious and philosophical traditions.

We were chartered as Unitarian in 1909. Even further back, we were present as Universalists in Eugene between the 1850’s and 1896. Members began meeting in local homes and hotels, but, as the church flourished, we moved from various buildings and then finally settled at Donald and 40th which was our church home until 2011. Growing beyond our space, we spent over 600 days remodeling our building at 13th and Chambers, doing the majority of work ourselves. We even won awards for demolishing, recycling, and building with “green” in mind.

About Unitarian Universalism