Unitarian Universalist churches are an association of congregations, each governed by elected leadership. In turn, that leadership collaborates with clergypersons and other members of staff to ensure the smooth running of the church. We have no popes or bishops. We practice what is known as “congregational polity” which is a fancy way of saying that ultimately, it is the people in the congregation who are in charge. They in turn, serve the mission of the church. We have a Board of Trustees, responsible for the big picture: Mission and Vision, Budget, Personnel, Long Range Planning, and Policy. The staff creates and implements programming at the church often in collaboration with lay persons. 


Click to view the current UUCE Bylaws, last updated by a congregational vote at the 2023 Annual Meeting. 


UUCE Governing Policies – Last Updated August 21, 2018

Endowment Fund Policy (updated April 2022)

UUCE Children and Youth Safety Policies – Approved May 2023

Pastoral Care Fund Policy – Approved October 2023


Click Here for the Board Approved Budget for the 2023-24 Church Year

We have two proposed budgets for the 2024-25 church year, we’ll vote at our annual meeting on June 16.

Click here to view version 1.  This is the version recommended by your Board of Trustees. 

Click here to view version 2. This version contains a smaller deficit, due to cuts to programs and group budgets. 

Please contact Treasurer Phyllis O’Neill by email at treasurer@uueugene.org with any budget related questions. Thank you for your support of the church.

Annual Reports

Our Annual Reports are compiled each year over the month of May, and are published in early June. They are one of the ways we celebrate our accomplishments and reflect on where we can grow and improve.