Quick and Convenient Text Giving with Breeze

Have you tried our text giving option? In seconds you can make a weekly offering or respond to a special appeal. 

The default fund for this feature is Community Offering, our monthly donation to a partner organization. To give to the church, be sure to indicate that the donation is a pledge or a gift.

Our list of fund keywords is below. In order for the program to process your request, be sure to include a space between the amount and the keyword. 

The proper format is $50 Pledge or $10 Community – the dollar sign is optional, but the space between the amount and the fund keyword is not. 

Variations like, $50Pledge  will result in an error message response, reading, “Sorry, not sure what you meant.” While variations like, 10 Community will be accepted. 

First time text donors will be sent a link to set up their payment method through our online giving page. Once that is completed, the payment method and phone number will be linked, and donors will not need to re-enter their payment information. 

Fund Keywords

  • Pledge – Pledges/General Fund: Used for most donations to the church, including paying on a current pledge.
  • Community – Community Offering (this is the default fund, and if the fund is not specified, contributions will be applied to this fund.)
  • Gift – Gifts: Donations for the church that are in recognition of someone’s efforts made outside of or in addition to an existing pledge. 
  • Pastoral – Pastoral Care Fund (formerly known as the Minister’s Discretionary Fund): This fund is used primarily for direct aid to community members in need. We designate our Christmas Eve offering to this fund each year. 
  • Rent – Rentals: Make a payment on a one time or recurring rental. If you make your rental payment by text, please email the office to ensure it is connected to the correct rental group or event. 

Other Funds may be activated for annual church events, like the book sale or auction. Instructions for the appropriate fund keyword will be given at those events.