Parable of the Sower - Book Discussion with Rev. Jen

During the “Virtual Social Hall” following the Sunday Service, on January 30, 2022, Rev. Jen will host a one time book discussion of Parable of the Sower – a 1993 science fiction novel by American writer Octavia E. Butler, it is an apocalypse science fiction novel that provides commentary on climate change, social inequality and CHANGE.

This book is a great study of evil and how to live in the face of it.  

Please know in advance that this book has many difficult themes, including sexual assault, drug use, and more.  While there are many good reasons to read this book, please only choose to engage in this material and discussion as you are able to do so.

30 Days of Love 2022 - A Side with Love Project

Over the (approximately) 30 Days between Martin Luther King Jr Day, and Valentine’s Day, Side with Love will release a Weekly “Playlist” or Menu of Activities to help us nurture our spirits, deepen our understanding, and take action on our values for collective liberation. 

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