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Justice: Faith in Action

Ours is a faith that seeks and does justice. That work is, as the Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker says, a “striving for what is not yet but could be.”

A church doing justice work differs from the way other organizations or institutions do justice work in its grounding, framing, and motivation. In what guides us as we do the work. In what we return to when threatened by discouragement or violence. If we want to go the distance, then we must have a firm footing to live from, not just morally or intellectually or ethically, but spiritually.

Below are some of the ways you can join others at UUCE in living our values and beliefs out loud in public.

April Justice Action: Wetlands Enhancement Project

9AM – 12NOON

Thank you to all who have helped at one of our work parties, attended a training to be a plot monitor, or expressed an interest in helping out! Our next work party is Sat., Apr. 13 from 9:00 a.m. – noon. If you can join us, please RSVP to:

We will meet in the east wetland on Polk St., to the south of the pickleball courts at 20th Ave.

Here is more information about our Wetlands Enhancement Project and the work party:

On Saturday, April 13 from 9:00 a.m. – noon, volunteers are needed to help with non-native plant removal in the wetlands to the east and west of the Dr. Edwin Coleman Jr. Center at Westmoreland Park. These wet prairie remnants have protected status, with significant native plants including two species with the largest populations anywhere in Eugene.

These wetlands are the site of an ongoing enhancement project sponsored by Friendly Area Neighbors Sustainability Team, Beyond Toxics and Willamette Resources and Education Network (WREN) and coordinated by Parks & Open Space, which provides all the tools.

The goal of the work party is to reduce meadow foxtail and other invasive species, to allow the native plants to flourish.  The tasks are simple and geared for all ages and physical abilities. Parks & Open Space Ecologist Diane Steeck will give a guided tour of the native plants and share data from our Citizen Science project that shows that our work parties are making a difference!

Our Westmoreland Park Wetlands Enhancement Project began in conjunction with the “Willamette Wetlands of the Kalapuya” mural on the Dr. Edwin Coleman Jr. Center.  The mural was painted on the east wall of the Dr. Edwin Coleman Jr. Center because of the significant wet prairies to the east and west of the Center that may have been areas where the Kalapuya gathered native plants.

For more information about the Kalapuya Cultural Project and Wetlands Preservation, see: and

Let’s get our hands dirty! 🐢 We will be joining with community partner, Friends of Buford Park, to do some ecological restoration. 

UUCE, in partnership with the Refugee Resettlement Coalition of Lane County and the Refugee and Immigrant Services Program (Catholic Community Services), is collecting Welcoming Kits for refugees.  They expect about fifty refugee families this year from Afghanistan, Guatemala, Myanmar, and Venezuela and need Bedding and Cleaning Kits built from a standardized list of items.

Sign Up for Justice Alerts:

Are you looking to stay in the loop about local justice actions outside of UUCE Events?  Complete this form to sign up for periodic justice alerts!

UUCE Staff will sent out alerts for things in the community that need a fast response, including protests, petitions, and rallies.

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