Support UUCE

 Welcome to the Online Giving Portal!  Please enter the amount, then select the fund, and the frequency of your donations by clicking on each line below.  You can give via credit/debit card or from a checking account via ACH. Please note, ACH transfers are preferred to debit/credit card donations, due to lower processing fees. 

If you have any questions, or need assistance with this system, contact the office or watch this brief Video: Using the New Giving Portal

Need help with which fund to select?

If you are making a payment towards your annual pledge for the current year, select this fund! If you are making a payment towards a pledge outside of the current church year  Please select the “Pledges [Year]” fund matching the church year for which the payment is intended. Don’t forget! Church years start July 1 and end June 30. 

We dedicate the collection plate on the first two Sundays of each month to our Community Offering. Recipients are nonprofits that embody our congregation’s principles and allow us to practice generosity.

If you want your funds to go to the church, rather than our selected organization for the month, and you are not paying toward your pledge then select Gifts.

This is the fund that our minister uses to directly support individuals in need. Each year our Christmas Eve Offering is given to the Pastoral Care Fund to help replenish it for the coming year.

This is the fund to select if you are sponsoring a hygiene kit. 

We also have a new Text Giving number! Text (541)250-3606 and follow the instructions to make a donation. For more information, see the Text Giving page.