The UUCE CommUUnity Email Groups (formerly known as “listservs”) offer a simple way for members and friends to connect, share, inform, support, discuss, and uplift.

Group topics range from general discussion and sharing (SHARE) to special interests (birding, poetry, choir, book trading, etc.). All that’s needed to participate is email.

Group: Share

This group focuses on UUCE members, friends, and the community. It provides a way to share joys, sorrows, milestones, dreams, travel stories, and UUCE community announcements. Group members may also exchange produce/items/services or request information and referrals.

Announcements regarding community caring concerns are welcome (for example, someone is sick or needs help). This not a group for petitions, heated debates, forwarded emails, or politics.

Group: Book Share

Have books you’d like to trade or give away? Looking for a particular book? The book-share group could be just the means you need.

Group: Birders

Newcomers Welcome! Since 2006 the Birders have met every Tuesday morning to look at and learn about birds, followed by breakfast and conversation at a local eatery.

Note: Some birder activities are currently modified to comply with COVID-19 guidelines.

What’s the next step?

To subscribe to any of the CommUUnity Email Groups, please complete this simple form.