2023-2024 Board of Trustees


Jones Hollister

Vice President
Andrew Emmott 

Phyllis O’Neill

Tim Vignos

Members At Large:

(Alphabetical by Last Name)

Steve Kuzma

Yvonne Lyles

Rhiannon Schantz-Mulford

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Board Meeting Minutes

Approved board meeting minutes for the current and past church years are available below. 

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UUCE Board Covenant

The UUCE Board of Trustees, in order to uphold the mission of this church and ground our mutual service in a shared experience of Love, covenants to:

Practice Openheartedness—including vulnerability, boundaries, respect, accountability, non-judgment, forgiveness, and generosity;

Show up, be prepared, do research as needed, and be fully present for discussions;

Listen compassionately for, and share generously, the wisdom and experience we bring;

Be willing to ask for, and offer, help;

Increase our awareness of, and take responsibility for, our impact on one another;

Set aside personal agendas; support Board decisions once made;

Respect confidentiality when requested;

Make being a Board member our primary volunteer commitment;

Hold each other and ourselves accountable to our Mission, Covenants, and UU Principles.