2021-2022 Board of Trustees


Daniel Blades, 

Vice President
Poppy Lochridge, 

Susan Oldland,

Katy Colburn, 

Members At Large:

(Alphabetical by Last Name)

Ryan Doppelmayr

Andrew Emmott 

Frankie Hill

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What has the Board of Trustees been doing this year?

The Board of Trustees is elected by members of the congregation and represents us in establishing the policies and programs that accomplish the needs and objectives of the church. 

Focus of Activity in 2021-22:

  • Nurture a working relationship based on a covenant of “mutual service in a shared experience of love”
  • Start a process observation practice at the end of each meeting
  • Gather for a “going deeper” session in between business meetings to explore White Supremacy characteristics
  • Start to plan a Visioning process for the church
  • Continue to assess the current governance model.
  • Begin to write Goals (Ends) to help guide the staff in their work
  • Update the church by-laws
  • Through the dedicated efforts of the Treasurer, greatly improve our financial systems
  • Update policies regarding rentals
  • Formalize relationship with Oregon UU Voices for Justice
  • Ensure that financial, physical, and human resources of the church are ethically and responsibly managed. 

Board Meeting Minutes

Approved board meeting minutes for the current and past church years are available below. If you would like to sign-up to receive meeting minutes, proposed budgets, and other UUCE business related emails, contact tech@uueugene.org and request to join the UUCE Biz email group. 

Click below to view meeting minutes for the listed church year:

UUCE Board Covenant

The UUCE Board of Trustees, in order to uphold the mission of this church and ground our mutual service in a shared experience of Love, covenants to:

Practice Openheartedness—including vulnerability, boundaries, respect, accountability, non-judgment, forgiveness, and generosity;

Show up, be prepared, do research as needed, and be fully present for discussions;

Listen compassionately for, and share generously, the wisdom and experience we bring;

Be willing to ask for, and offer, help;

Increase our awareness of, and take responsibility for, our impact on one another;

Set aside personal agendas; support Board decisions once made;

Respect confidentiality when requested;

Make being a Board member our primary volunteer commitment;

Hold each other and ourselves accountable to our Mission, Covenants, and UU Principles.