You are welcome here!


The Sunday Worship Service starts at 10:00 AM all year long


Entrances are off Chambers and 13th.  Most people use the one on the north side of the people, nearest the Chambers St. entrance.  Overflow parking is available on Sundays next door in the Looking Glass lot.


Most people wear “casual professional,” ranging from blue jeans to suits. Children should dress comfortably so they can participate in art projects and outdoor activities.


The building is fully accessible to handicapped people or those in  wheel chairs.  For worship services, assisted listening devices are readily available. We offer large print programs, we have at least two sets of Braille hymnals, a private bathroom accessible to wheelchair users, families, and those not at ease in gendered bathrooms.  The building itself has no carpets and only a few rugs.  We ask attendees not to wear fragrance. And we have designated Handicap Parking spaces.


Yes, always.  You and your school-age children are invited to the intergenerational beginning of the worship services in the Sanctuary. Then the children are welcome to go with the other children for age-appropriate, hour-long Spirit Jam sessions.  Children are always welcome in the Service, as well.

  • If you want to attend the entire worship service with your younger children, we offer crayons and coloring sheets for them at the double doors.
  • If you want to attend Spirit Jam with your child, you are always welcome!

You do not need to be a church member to register your child/children; however, we expect that you will be involved in the program. In the spirit of a Cooperative Sunday School, we ask that all parents/guardians support the program as a member or a friend of the church with an annual pledge and as a volunteer within the RE Program.


Volunteers are welcome and grealy appreciated!  The program simply would not work without them. As such, we ask that parents help support the program with their time and energy. There are lots of ways to volunteer.

Staying in touch

Please sign up for our weekly e-bulletin (UUpComing) and  our monthly newsletter. The website offers a weekly calendar with narrative, and a monthly calendar with contact info. We also have two conversational email listservs, and several other committee and group listservs, Facebook and Twitter pages: