Updated 5/8/2022

The church is open for both in-person and online worship.  According to the CDC (www.covidactnow.org) Lane County’s community level, has changed from low to MEDIUM.  Lane County has dropped the indoor mask mandate, but for now, we ask everyone to comply with the safe gathering guidelines below. 


Even though we expect everyone to be vaccinated, masked, and distanced, there is a risk of contracting the virus at church.   Please join us from home if you have any symptoms of illness, and let’s show our love for one another by being mindful and careful.  

Safe Gathering Guidance for all In-Person Events

*If you are immunocompromised, please weigh the risks and benefits of in-person
worship service. We hope these guidelines will help you to assess those risks.*

*If you aren’t feeling well or cannot comply with these guidelines, we respectfully
request that you join us via Zoom.*

  1. VACCINATION IS EXPECTED: We will not check proof of vaccination status; we honor your word.  We do expect everyone who attends in-person events to be vaccinated, if they are able.   If you are able to be vaccinated, but you’re not, you are asked to join via Zoom for now.  *Smaller groups and outside renters may choose to allow participation by unvaccinated people, if everyone consents. 
  2. MASKS ARE REQUIRED: Disposable surgical masks are provided and required.  Your mouth and nose must remain covered while moving around inside the building.  Research has shown that K/N95 masks and surgical masks are superior to cloth masks, so please consider using those instead.  *Smaller groups and outside renters may choose to remove masks after arriving in their assigned room, if everyone consents.
  3. MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCING: Rows of chairs in the sanctuary are spaced at least six feet apart. Family members are welcome to sit next to each other, but we will ask that you leave 2 spaces between family units.
  4. ASK BEFORE HUGGING, TOUCHING: Please respect each other’s preferences about hugging, shaking hands, or holding hands.
  5. EATING & DRINKING: Beverages and snacks may be enjoyed throughout the week by groups using the church building.  For Sunday morning worship, we ask that eating, drinking, and socializing be done outdoors after worship.
  6. HVAC SYSTEM: Our upgraded air handling system will be turned on 1 hour prior to events and will run continuously until 1 hour after the event.
  7. SINGING DURING WORSHIP: Congregational singing has resumed—everyone must be masked. The choir has returned to the sanctuary and will be singing with masks on.

On May 1, we held another listening circle following the service to see if it is time to adjust some of our guidelines as our community risk level changes. We discussed masking requirements in large and small gatherings and different perspectives from amongst the congregation. 

We began multi-platform worship on February 20, with multitudes of mitigation strategies in place. As our local risk levels change over time, these gathering guidelines will change to reflect safe practices and our current case loads.