Accessibility Task Force

The Accessibility Task Force (ATF) meets every third Thursday at 4:00pm, both in  our Church and on Zoom.

When there is a fifth Sunday in the month, the ATF often holds hold a free public webinar on disability, access, and inclusion.

We gather together to share our stories,

not because disabled people are particularly special, but because the “normality” of our lives is not always a part of the narratives we hear.

If you support justice and inclusion for people with disabilities — whether you have a disability or not, whether you are in Eugene or not, whether you are a UUCE member or not — we invite you to join us as we celebrate the diversity and beauty of our lives. 

The Accessibility Task Force seeks to educate members and friends of the church on a variety of disability topics as well as advocate for the needs of congregants and bring about change that will make UUCE more accessible to all.

If you have accessibility needs, concerns, or questions, please phone the church office or email ATF at

ATF Newsletter: Spiritually Access EUUgene News

You are also welcome to join our private ATF Newslist, distributed once or twice per month via email. Click here to join