Community! Remember when we made “Blessing Bags” (Ziplock bags with essentials such as socks, hats, etc.) to hand out to people we came across?

WELL! We will be doing this again! Here is how it works:

Using this Amazon Wish List of necessities: Click to view the Blessing Bags Wishlist on Amazon we will gather materials over the next month to create our bags. Purchases from the wishlist will ship directly to Molly mae’s house. 

You are also welcome to purchase items on the list from any supplier and contact  Molly mae to arrange pick up / drop off. 

Please share this project as much as you can. The wish list can be sent via email, text, and posted on Facebook. Amplify!

After a month or so, I’ll ask for a few volunteers to help assemble the bags. I’ll then provide contactless pick up times in the UUCE parking lot so you can come and get the bags and hand them out. You can choose to pick up bags for your church friends so they can hand them out, too.

Thank you for participating in this project and living out our values. There is no small act of kindness.