Save Your Books and Puzzles NOW for the October UUCE Book Sale!

More information coming soon!

Due to the pandemic, the format of our annual book sale will be vastly different than in years past. Bags containing books of the same category will be available for purchase online or by phone. Pickup of these bags will take place at church and be contact-free. The fun for purchasers will be the surprise of seeing the different titles that are in their bags!

The book categories we are looking for are fiction, mystery, history, biography/memoir, science/nature, fantasy/sci-fi, cooking, crafts, poetry, and children/youth. So, please start saving your books now, and go ahead and sort them by category. We’ll then “re-mix” the books so that each bag will have books from  multiple donors. 

If you have puzzles you’d like to donate, we’ll take them! We are hoping to have bags of puzzles available for purchase as well.

We’ll be accepting your book and puzzle donations at church in September (dates to be announced). The online sale and bag pickup will follow in October. More details to follow!

Thank you for supporting this church fundraiser.

With questions, contact Berry Broadbent or Gretchen Miller.