A mUUsing on Our Religious Education Program

Dear UUCE,

This month, we have been exploring the theme of Possibility. I’d love to take some time to apply that possibility to the RE program at UUCE. There have been some changes afoot. You may have noticed that Ezra, the RE Coordinator, is taking on more responsibility for SpiritJam. This has been a possibility that we’ve been exploring for some time now, and has become more of a reality over the course of the year. I am relieved, honestly, as the responsibilities of the Lifespan position are too much for one person to take on for any length of time. I am still supervising that program, but am no longer “in charge” of the day to day workings of SpiritJam. 

Ezra has also taken on the middle school coordinator role, and he has recently begun exploring the possibility of including 5th graders in that cohort. The middle school group meets after church from 11:30-12:30, and they are strongly focused on environmental justice issues this year, with Keith Oldham, John Roy Wilson, and Ezra Black as the main advisors in that group. 

In other realms of possibility, we are patiently waiting for the weather to warm up a bit so that we can continue work on the cobb house. Hopefully, by now, you’ve seen the roof that was built to protect our beautiful structure from the elements. We only need now to finish off the wall in a few places, and then to plaster the entire structure with a breathable earthen plaster. This step will allow us to do artistic and sculptural design all around the inner and outer walls of the structure – we are so excited for this next phase! We are also hoping to install a few benches around the outside of the roof structure, and to eventually pour concrete stair steps leading to our scavenged slide. Be looking for opportunities to get involved as winter shifts to spring – the possibilities for making this building gorgeous, playful, and fun are endless! And we will need your help, your good ideas, and your artistic and creative impulses to make it really come to life. 

The Adult RE program has been aiming to offer opportunities for our congregation to get involved with art, movement, and social justice, as well as support for our small group ministry program, Tuesday night potluck, and other social events. I see a possibility for the future of this congregation to live more fully into the promise of our denomination through exploring what it means to be a people of justice ourselves. How do we live in to the possibility of a more equitable and sane future? Only through doing our own INNER work can we hope to transform and become ready to effect change in the OUTER world around us. I encourage us all to become open to the possibilities of our own transformation through love, presence, and persistence. Check out the Adult RE pamphlet, located on the pamphlet rack, to see how you can get involved this term. 

All the love to each and every one of you,

Bright blessings,