We are affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Church in Eugene (UUCE). Everyone is welcome whether or not they identify as UU. All ages are welcome, including children.

All we ask is good will toward all and openness of mind, heart, and spirit as we explore all realms of existence, physical and nonphysical, for the sake of doing good work in the world and growing in our own spirits.

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Eugene CUUPS is an experiential group

As such, we regularly engage in energetic healing for each other and others, focusing our consciousness to achieve desired positive results, shamanistic explorations, rituals to celebrate the natural cycles of Earth and Moon, and personal emotional support.

We hold frequent discussion groups, workshops and classes relevant to our goals and purposes, as well as partially or purely social events such as potlucks, movie nights, weekend celebrations of the major Pagan holidays, campouts, etc.

Healing, perception beyond the five senses, and the like are not limited to a few gifted individuals; they are the birthright of all of us, as spiritual beings who inhabit bodies (rather than physical bodies that have a spirit). You are welcome among us whether you are well experienced in these realms, or whether you are not aware of any such abilities or experiences in yourself.

The people in CUUPs from many faith traditions. Each tradition varies from the others, sometimes just a bit and other times a great deal. These discussions have done a lot to foster understanding. These discussions are not limited to Earth-Based traditions. We would love it if people of other Religions (Christian, Buddhist etc) would join us and share how this is experienced in their Pathway.

Thus, the way to be a part of Eugene CUUPS is to join us in our in-person meetings and events in whatever way you can. Come walk our path with us, as we share and learn together.

Monthly Meetings & Annual Events

BELTANE:   UUCE-CUUPs has co-sponsored a large open community Beltane Celebration for the last few years, We intend to add this to our Annual Traditional Events, This year we are loking at doing a weekend retreat/camping event, if we get enough interest 😉 Get a hold of us if you are interested in helping put this together. This is the Fund Raiser for the following Beltane & for CUUPS & The UUCE. (Google the word Beltane for more info about what Beltane is about)

YULE:  Drumming Up the Sun!  UUCE-CUUPs Co-Sponsors This Great Event!  During Yule we often have an overnight event, starting around 9pm and going straight thru till 9am.There is a potluck meal, Drumming (up the sun of course), Ritual, Sumble, Dancing, Bardic, etc. It is often a diverse mix of talent from our amazingly gifted community.

We also have occasional rituals, retreats, discussions and events at other locations. We sometimes present the Sunday morning service for UUCE as a whole, especially at the major Pagan holidays.

Thank You!  and Blessed Be!

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