Weekly eBulletin Week of July 17


for week beginning July 17, 2016


Legend: C=Chapel; Cmte=Committee; CUUPs=Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans; K=Kitchen; Lo=Lobby; MO=Minister’s Office; RE=Religious Education; Rm=Room; S=Sanctuary; SE=South Entry; SH=Social Hall; SIA=Service In Action.

Sunday, 7/17

8:30-9:30am        Sunday Meditation, SE. Deb Huntley, meditation@uueugene.org.

9:45-11:15am         Childcare (infants and toddlers), Room 4.

9:45-11:15am         Children’s RE (ages 3-12), Building Community, Rm 3. Katy S.

10:00-11:00am       Church Service, Community Offering, Sanctuary, Social Hall.

11:00am-noon        Information and Fundraising Tables, Social Hour, Lo, SH, SE.

11:15-11:45am       Newcomer Meet and Greet, MO. Erin Troberg, 541-344-8259.

11:45am-1:00pm    CUUPs Lunch Meetup, off-site. Grace Hart, 541-517-1372 cell.

Monday, 7/18

4:00-5:30pm           Musicians’ Rehearsal, S. Susanne Giordano, 541-517-7234.

5:00-5:45pm           Monday Meditation, C. Deb Huntley, meditation@uueugene.org.

5:30-7:30pm           UUCE Board Mtg. (open), Rm 6. Nadja Sanders, 541-255-5930.

6:30-7:15pm           CUUPs Rune Class, Room 7. Grace Hart, 541-517-1372 cell.

Tuesday, 7/19

8:00-10:00am         UU Birders, off-site. Contact: Mike Berg, 541-357-3145.

9:00am-noon          Open Church Work Party. Eric Swegles, 414-339-8156.

5:30-7:00pm           Potluck, Touchstone Tuesday, SH, K. Lizzy U. 858-204-3938.

Wednesday, 7/20

7:00-9:00pm           Men’s Group (Open), Room 7. Jim Kayser, 541-484-1840.

Thursday, 7/21      No open UUCE events listed.

Friday, 7/22

9:30am-1:30pm     Sewing @ UUCE, Rm 6. Rouanna Garden, sewing@uueugene.org.

Saturday,  7/23

11:00am-noon           Musicians’ Rehearsal, S. Susanne Giordano, 541-517-7234.

4:00-6:30pm         Memorial Service for Mariah Schneider, C, SH, K. Rev. Morris.

Sunday, 7/24

8:30-9:30am           Sunday Meditation, SE. Deb Huntley, meditation@uueugene.org.

9:00-9:30am           Membership Book Available for Signing, MO. Erin Troberg.

9:45-11:15am         Childcare (infants and toddlers), Room 4.

9:45-11:15am         Children’s RE (ages 3-12), Building Community, Rm 3. Katy S.

10:00-11:00am       Church Service, Sanctuary, Social Hall.

11:00am-noon        Information and Fundraising Tables, Social Hour, Lo, SH, SE.

11:30am-1:00pm    The Revolutionary Jesus, Room 2. Kaye Lennox, 425-218-5808.


Legend: C=Chapel; Cmte=Committee; CUUPs=Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans; K=Kitchen; Lo=Lobby; MO=Minister’s Office; RE=Religious Education; Rm=Room; S=Sanctuary; SE=South Entry; SH=Social Hall; SIA=Service In Action.


SUNDAY MEDITATION – Join us each Sunday from 8:30-9:30am in the South Entry to share in silent and walking meditation. Deb Huntley, meditation@uueugene.org.

WELCOME TO WORSHIP – Every Sunday in the Sanctuary, along the north wall, you will find candles and water along with a book in which to share your blessings, prayers, sorrows, and joys.

SERMON TOPIC, JULY 17 – “Healing Across the Divides.”  Just how does that work, discovering our unity THROUGH diversity? What about when our teeth are set on edge? Can’t we all just get along? Rev. Sydney will conduct the service.

COMMUNITY OFFERING – Our Sunday, July 17, offering will be given to Eugene’s Common Ground Garden, the “sharing garden” at 21st Ave. and Van Buren Street in Eugene, that’s an inspiring model of community activism. You’re invited to a guided tour following today’s service. You can also learn more about the Garden at:  https://www.facebook.com/Common-Ground-Garden-170099919716481. Valerie Elliott, community-offering@uueugene.org.

NEWCOMER MEET AND GREET – Are you new to our congregation? Do you have questions or are you maybe just looking for some friendly conversation? Join us in the Minister’s Office from 11:15-11:45am on Sunday, July 17, and on the third Sunday of each month. Bring your refreshments with you. Hosted by Membership Committee, Erin Troberg, memb-chair@uueugene.org, 541-344-8259.

INFORMATION AND FUNDRAISING TABLES – Sun., 7/17/16, 11am-noon, Lobby, South Entry – Fair Trade Coffee Cart, Kindness Team greeting card project, UUCE Poetry Groups journals for sale.

CHANGES, THE UUCE POETRY JOURNAL, is now available and can be purchased for $5 at the information table in the hallway after Sunday services through July 24. Sponsored by the UUCE Poetry Groups, all proceeds above cost will go to the UUCE General Fund. Limited edition. To reserve a copy, call Bonnie Phipps, 541-285-7155.

CARING THOUGHTS – Please take a moment to send a card to a member or friend who may need a caring thought. Cards are provided on the table under the  ministers’ pictures in the lobby hall. The Kindness Team will address and stamp the cards. Thank you! Eileen Adee, 541-461-0890.


MONDAY MEDITATION (formerly: Contemplative Practices) – Join us each Monday from 5:00-5:45pm in the Chapel to share in silent and walking meditation. Deb Huntley, meditation@uueugene.org.

JOIN US NEXT SUNDAY, JULY 24 – “The Roots We Heal From.” Families, for good or ill, hold the roots from which we spring. We will explore the intersections of healing and families.


THE REVOLUTIONARY JESUS – Not everyone is comfortable in the conventional Christian church. But Jesus’ message, whether mundane or revolutionary, is truly for everyone. Jesus taught that we are all welcome at the table. Hear and share some interpretations of his message, and pull up a chair to the welcome table, even if you’ve never stepped foot in a typical church! Join us for the remaining three classes on Sundays: 7/24, 7/31, and 8/7, from 11:30am-1:00pm, in Room 2. Led by Kaye Lennox, 425-218-5808.

SUMMER RELIGIOUS EDUCATION SESSION: BUILDING COMMUNITY – The summer program theme is Building Community, and the children will get to take part in actively helping to build our beautiful new church playground. Please see the June newsletter and the bulletin board display for details and dates of building sessions, including Sunday, August 14, 10am-2pm. Katy Siepert, uucedre@uueugene.org, 541-686-2775×2.


TOUCHSTONE TUESDAY POTLUCK – Tuesdays in July, 5:30-7pm, Social Hall and Kitchen. Bring a kid — or a potluck dish to share. Grace offered at 6:00pm. *** Potlucks will not be offered in August.***  We need volunteers for cleanup. More info/sign up: Lizzy Utterback, tuesdaypotluck@uueugene.org, 858-204-3938.

MEMORIAL SERVICE FOR MARIAH SCHNEIDER, SATURDAY, JULY 23, 4PM, IN THE CHAPEL – The congregation is invited to the memorial service for Mariah Schneider, daughter of UUCE member Connie Newman. The obituary was in the Register Guard on July 10, 2016. There will be a potluck meal in the Social Hall immediately following the service.

MEMBERSHIP BOOK IS AVAILABLE FOR SIGNING – On Sunday, July 24, and on the fourth Sunday of every month, from 9-9:30am in the Minister’s Office. Membership committee, Erin Troberg, memb-chair@uueugene.org, 541-344-8259.


SUPPORT OUR AWESOME CHURCH! Haven’t had a chance to pledge yet? You know you want to help out. Please help support our ongoing ministries for the 2016-17 church year with a pledge. Thank you! Please contact: Judy Shaw, judy_a_shaw@hotmail.com, 541-359-6074; or Kay Crider, kaycrider@me.com, 541-968-9988.

OPEN CHURCH WORK PARTY – Tuesdays, from 9am to noon at UUCE. Tools provided. There is a whole list of things that need attention. Sponsored by Building and Grounds committee. Eric Swegles, bag@uueugene.org, 414-339-8156.


FOOD FOR LANE COUNTY FOOD RESCUE NIGHT – UUCE has made a commitment for at least 6 volunteers for our monthly evening at FFLC on the fourth Thursday. We meet to repackage food donated for those in our community who are experiencing food insecurity. Wear a hat or ponytail and closed toe shoes. Volunteers must be at least 14 years old, or 12 or 13 years old and accompanied by an adult. Thursday, July 28, 6:30-8:30pm, 770 Bailey Hill Road, Eugene. Contact Berry Broadbent, Service in Action, hunger@uueugene.org, 541-344-9037.

UU REFUGEE SANCTUARY PROJECT – Sunday, July 31, 11:30am-12:30pm, Room 7.

Contact person is Connie Newman, refugees@uueugene.org.

FOOD FOR LANE COUNTY BARREL – The most requested food for JULY is high-protein canned meat. Donated food must be conventionally packaged (no bulk food, no fresh fruits or veggies, no glass jars, and no expired food). Berry Broadbent, Service in Action, hunger@uueugene.org, 541-344-9037.

OCCUPY MEDICAL AND FIRST PLACE FAMILY CENTER – Over the counter medical supplies, summer clothes for kids and adults, and sleeping bags placed in the barrel near the kitchen entrance will be delivered to both organizations. Also needed and appreciated are musical instruments, including ukuleles, for St. Vinnie low-income-housing children. More useful ideas at www.occupy-medical.org/donations/. Service in Action, Ruth Duemler, 541-484-6145.


VOLUNTEERS SOUGHT FOR COMMUNICATIONS ACTIVITIES AT UUCE – In order to support implementation of our UUCE Mission, the Communications Task Force (CTF) collaborates with church staff on our various communications processes at UUCE, including: the website, the Sunday handout, the Weekly eBulletin, the monthly newsletter, and our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We are seeking volunteers with the following skills and interests who would enjoy working cooperatively in these areas: supporting website matters, including search engine optimization; editing, writing, and proofreading with attention to detail and timelines for our publications; video recording and editing; and working with social media. If you are interested please contact Dick Loescher, CTF chair, communications@uueugene.org, 541-485-1157. Thank you.

UU-SHARE AND UUCE-CHAT LISTSERVS – The address for the SHARE listserv (for community building, personal stories, help wanted, offers and such) is UU-Share@uueugene.org. The address for the CHAT listserv (for ideas, discussions, politics, philosophy, jokes, and such) is UUCE-Chat@uueugene.org. Notice the differences in the initial portion of the two addresses before @. You can subscribe to either or both listservs by sending a request to listmanager@uueugene.org.

GET THE WEEKLY eBULLETIN ON FRIDAY – Subscribe to the UUCE-News listserv to receive (by e-mail on Friday) the Weekly eBulletin, which provides information similar to that in the Sunday Handout. You also will receive notification of the monthly CONNECTIONS Newsletter, and infrequent notification of information of church-wide interest. About five messages a month, no chatter. Easy to subscribe; easy to unsubscribe. Start at https://uueugene.org/about-us/e-bulletin/. You can also read the Weekly eBulletin and the Monthly Newsletter from the links under the NEWS dropdown on the website at https://uueugene.org/news/. Questions to Nikki Frank or Martha Osgood, our volunteer listmanagers, at listmanager@uueugene.org.

OUR FACEBOOK PAGE – https://www.facebook.com/UUEugene.

UUCE TWITTER IS NOW LIVE – Get updates on church activities. Find and tweet us @UUEugene!

HOW TO UPDATE YOUR GROUP’S WEB PAGE ON THE CHURCH’S WEBSITE – Wayne Parker, our business manager, asks that you contact him either to get credentials for updating your group’s page, or to ask him to make changes to it. webteam@uueugene.org.

2016 ANNUAL REPORT NOW AVAILABLE – From the home page at www.uueugene.org, click on “Annual Report” under the Administry drop-down menu. You may print it out as you would any other web document. For help in obtaining a (pre)printed copy, contact John Clay, jyalc@comcast.net.

Legend: C=Chapel; Cmte=Committee; CUUPs=Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans; K=Kitchen; Lo=Lobby; MO=Minister’s Office; RE=Religious Education; Rm=Room; S=Sanctuary; SE=South Entry; SH=Social Hall; SIA=Service In Action.