Our church is a beautiful location for a wedding, large or small. We welcome all beliefs, backgrounds, and sexual orientations.

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We have both a large sanctuary and a smaller chapel for ceremonies, and various options for holding a reception afterwards, including a kitchen. Our all-day wedding deals include day and evening use of the building (including sound system and kitchen appliances), tables and chairs, and trained staff to help make sure your event runs smoothly.

For your large wedding:

Our Sanctuary is 3,762 square feet, naturally lit by skylights (additional lighting available for evenings and cloudy days), and featuring a state of the art sound system with wireless microphones to amplify speakers and/or live musicians. Comfortable chairs, not pews, can easily be arranged into any configuration you want for up to 300 people. Our grand piano is also available for use on request.

A reception can be set up in the adjoining Social Hall, which is right next to the kitchen for easy catering access. We provide round banquet tables and chairs. Our floor is dance-friendly, and the sound system will also project into the Social Hall, if you want a dance floor. Alternatively, the dividing wall between Sanctuary and Social Hall can be opened to provide a more spacious feel. There are numerous possibilities for combining the Sanctuary and Social Hall, as well as other rooms, to accommodate the wedding of your dreams.

Our religious education classrooms double as dressing rooms for the wedding parties on the day of the event.

Contact our Rental Manager to discuss possibilities:, 541-686-2775 ext. 3.

For your small, intimate wedding:

Our chapel, 567 square feet, holds 50 people. (If you expect more than 50 but still want an intimate service, we can remove extra chairs from the Sanctuary to create that feeling for you. See details of the Sanctuary above.) The chapel is lit by skylights and has a beautiful natural acoustic that renders amplification unnecessary. There is also a piano available upon request.

A reception can be set up right across the hall in our Social Hall, which is connected to the kitchen. Our sound system can provide background music from an approved device, or amplify a live band for your guests to enjoy on our dance-friendly floor. We also provide banquet tables and chairs.

Contact our Rental Manager to discuss possibilities:, 541-686-2775 ext. 3.

Here is what we will provide for you once you decide to rent with us:


  • You may schedule an appointment with the rental manager to see the space and furniture before you make setup decisions.
  • The rooms will be set up according to your request before you arrive on the day of your wedding.
  • All our chairs and tables are part of your rental at no extra charge.
  • Flowers can be dropped off in advance as long as timing is coordinated with the office so someone is here to receive them. Contact the rental manager to make arrangements.
  • We do not provide decorations, nor do our custodians put them up as part of setup. You must arrive or send a helper early enough to decorate before your ceremony begins.
  • We do not provide linens at this time.


  • Our lot has 64 spaces, which are available to renters at all times.
  • On weekends and evenings, you are also welcome to use the adjoining parking lots of the Looking Glass School next door and the Speech and Hearing Center next to that if there is no special event there at the time. Check in with the rental manager to insure extra lots are available.
  • If you expect to need more than the available parking, arrangements can be made with our neighbors, including the Faith Center, which has a very large parking lot just across 13th avenue. Contact the rental manager to make these requests at least a week in advance.


  • Our state of the art sound system can play music or visuals from an approved device, amplify live music, and/or amplify the officiator of the ceremony or other speakers. The sound system works in the Sanctuary and Social Hall.
  • A UUCE-trained sound technician will be present (paid hourly) for as long as you are using the sound system. This person will set up, run sound, and then clean up. The rental manager will put you in touch with your sound technician before the event so you can discuss your exact needs.


  • A kitchen host provided by UUCE will be available (paid hourly) for as long as you are using the kitchen appliances, to ensure everyone’s safety. (If you are using a catering service or potluck that does not require use of the stove, oven, or dishes, then you do not need a kitchen host.)
  • All appliances in the kitchen are part of your kitchen rental, with the supervision of the host, including the dishwasher.
  • All plates, bowls, glasses, cups, mugs, and flatware that we have are part of your kitchen rental. Please check with the rental manager about numbers to see if you will need to supplement them at all. The kitchen host will wash the dishes for you at the end of your event.
  • We do not provide a catering service, although your caterer may use our kitchen facilities, appliances, and dishes.


  • At least one member of UUCE staff (or a trained UUCE member) will be present throughout your event to take care of any last minute questions or surprises that might arise.
  • Our minister is not automatically part of weddings for non-members. If you would like our minister to perform your wedding, you may make that request, and, if she is available, she will perform your ceremony for a fee.

Alcohol Policies:

If you are serving alcohol, you must provide proof of insurance (one-day event insurance in the amount of $2,000,000) and follow all guidelines of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC).

Here is everything you need to know in order to melt the stress the previous sentence just caused you:

  • You can get event insurance that will cover alcohol service as an extension of your homeowners or auto insurance. Contact your insurance company and ask about adding event insurance to your plan in the amount of $2,000,000 dollars just for the date of the wedding. This is a less expensive alternative to purchasing event insurance separately.
  • We outline the OLCC guidelines on our website at Please read the OLCC guidelines to be sure you are in compliance with all policies.
  • Under no circumstances may there be a self-serve bar or any representative of the church handling alcohol in any way. Your designated Alcohol Servers must bring with them to the event their signed copies of the OLCC “What Every Volunteer Alcohol Server Needs to Know” brochure or their OLCC training certification.



Contact our Rental Manager

541-686-2775 ext. 3