Online Faith Formation for Children and Youth, 2021-2022

This church year, we will be spending the fall and winter focusing on:

  •  Growing Anti-Racist Unitarian Universalists,
  • learning about world religions via Minecraft,
  •  and for some older youth, exploring the HUGE questions through Coming of Age.

All enrolled Children and Youth will be receiving a package with supplies – so watch your mailboxes! 


No worries!

Here’s a quick preview of this years programming for our children and youth: 

Our preschool lessons will be Book in a Box based. Enrolled children will receive a book sent to their home each week along with a set of “wonderings” for each book.

Grades Kinder to Second
These young elementary school children will look at skin differences, compassion, diversity within their own families, schools and churches. We will explore the big concepts of the “other”, freedom, liberty and justice in an age-appropriate way through stories, games, crafts and song.

Grades Three to Five
Our older elementary school children will also look at differences in skin color and explore identity, empathy, action, slavery, segregation, bias and stereotyping, civil rights, equality and equity. We will enjoy LOTS of games, some crafts and stories.

Middle School and High School
We’ll have options for these groups.

  • Coming of Age is definitely on the schedule. Some of our high school youth were not offered this capstone program for our faith tradition. In addition, the program will be open to middle school youth.
  • ChUUrchcraft uses the popular app Minecraft as a vehicle for learning about world religions.  A building with multiple rooms is created.  As the class learns about a world religion, part of each class is dedicated to designing a room within the building, devoted to the practice of that religion.  At the end of the year, the class will have created a building with rooms devoted to the practice of many religions, essentially a Unitarian Universalist congregation.
  • Social Sundays will take place certain Sundays of the month when our older youth can safely meet together for fun or social service.

On our first Sunday, October 3, Kinder to Fifth Grade children will meet on Zoom at 8:45. Middle and High School youth will meet at 11:30 also on Zoom.

Yeah, it sucks to be meeting on Zoom and not in person. But that is what we have to do in order to stay safe during the pandemic.