VirtUUal Church in Eugene

Since Mid-March of 2020, UUCE has made the effort to transition all of our content into an online format. From Worship and Choir, to Faith Formation Classes and Affinity Groups it’s all gone “VirtUUal” – even our first ever Virtual Annual Meeting! This is a learning process for everyone, and we are so thankful for your grace and patience as we navigate this new world. 

Below, you will find ways to access UUCE’s Virtual Programming, as well as useful information on How to Use Zoom for Church, and How to Publicize your Online Event.

UUCE's Virtual Offerings:

Worship moved to Zoom on March 15th, 2020. It can be accessed live at 10am on Sundays by joining the Zoom Webinar, where you can send chat messages to worship staff as well as your friends watching with you, or by viewing the livestream on the church’s Facebook. Click the image to the left to learn more.

Many of our Church Groups and Events have moved online, and some new ones have begun! Click the image to the right for a full listing of Online Church Events with descriptions and Zoom information.

UUCE’s Zoom account is available to host your meeting, group or class. Contact the Office to get started! 

SpiritJam has moved into the Virtual! Click the image to the left to see what is coming up this Sunday, and to access other content created and collected by Children’s Program Staff.

For more information, or to suggest new virtual content, contact Ezra.

Zoom Tips, Tricks, Etiquette, and FAQs

If you are new to Zoom, are having technical difficulties, or want to learn more about Hosting, and what You can do with Zoom at UUCE – We are working on collecting resources for you! Click the image to the right for more information.