Attend Virtual SpiritJam!

Virtual SpiritJam will begin at about 10:15 when we “sing the children out” from the main service.

Kids can use their own phone, tablet, or laptop to join SpiritJam. This link will stay the same every week!

Participants will be visible to each other. For privacy, SpiritJam will not be recorded.

For info on worship in general, click here.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Sunday, March 29, 2020

SpiritJam Snail Mail Sign-ups!

Sign-up to send and receive snail mail from your SpiritJam Teachers and friends! 

If you sign-up, each week we will send you the address for a new buddy from your church community to reach out to and check-in. Getting mail from a friend is a great way to improve someone’s day!  

It’s hard to be apart, and this is a small way we can still be together!

You can Sign-Up anytime! We will start sending out addresses on Monday, April 6.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Springtime Scavenger Hunt!



Spring is here!

This week we are doing a nature scavenger hunt. If you print out this page, you can color in each item as you find it!

If you can, take pictures of the items you find, and upload them to share with us! The link for uploading pics is below.

"What to Do in a Pandemic" by Ricardo Levins Morales

Check out artist Ricardo Levins Morales’ acclaimed and beautiful series of illustrations, “What to Do in a Pandemic.”

Then, you can download free coloring pages of the same images!

Sunday, March 15, 2020

It’s tough not to be able to go to church and see our friends! Next Sunday, we hope to have a special video call just for the kids and their teachers. For this week, here are a few activities and a story.

Printable Worksheet: The Colors of Me

Print out the blank image! In the head on the left, color in what your feelings are like today. What color do they feel like? How much space do they seem to take up? In the head on the right, color in what your future emotions might look like if they were colors. Below is a completed example to guide you!

Craft: Mindful Breathing Wand

Sometimes if we’re nervous or worried, we have to remember to breathe deeply. This wand has a loop that you can breathe through to make the ribbons flutter. The instructions are below!

Craft: Coffee-Filter Parachutes!

Sometimes we feel like we’re falling, and could use some extra help with our feelings. In this craft, we can help our stuffed animals or other toys feel like they have the parachute they need to land safely!

Here’s a good story about a child dealing with their worries!