"Feeding Lucky"

Hello from Teacher Megan

Meet  Lucky, and walk through how Megan feeds him in the mornings!

Songs and Sing-a-longs:

The Bunny Song, from Teacher Natasha

Natasha is sharing a song from her childhood with you. You can listen to her sing it, and then learn the words and the hand motions and sing-a-long!

Scavenger Hunts:

Staying busy at home can seem hard! Here are some Scavenger Hunts that can be completed with things in your house or out in nature. Click on the images below to zoom in on each list.

Easter Crafts:

We miss our Easter Carnival at Church! Teacher Natasha has made some craft videos to share, grab some paper, markers, and scissors, and craft with us!

Story Time Videos:

One of our favorite things on Sundays is sharing stories with each other. Here you will find videos from your RE Teachers sharing some of their favorites!

Goodnight Moon

A Bad Case of the Stripes

Part One, and Hello from Teacher Natasha:
Part Two: