UUCE Community Art Gallery

Every month the UUCE Art Gallery features the works of a different local artist in our gallery, with a reception for the artist one Sunday a month. We also have regular community art shows for members. 

Announcing our Awards!

Ages 13 through 17:

Ximena, Age 13, Beauty is Everywhere in this Dream World
Elizabeth, Age 13, Untitled
Elizabeth, Age 13, Untitled
Freeman, Age 14, Keith Haring Study

Honorable Mention: “Nice balance of illustrating anatomy and showing the fish’s beauty.”

Claire, Age 13, Magical Fish with a hint of Yayoi Kusama influence

Ages 12 and Under:

Laura, Age 9, Untitled
Laura, Age 9, Untitled
William, Age 6, The Tate
William, Age 6, The Tate
Emerson, Age 10, Picasso Stickiest
Emerson, Age 10, Picasso Stickiest

Honorable Mention: “for the attention to detail” 

Elliott, Age 6, The Mountain Hotel

Honorable Mention: “great still life, excellent use of color, proportion, and description”

Matea, Age 8, Untitled

Honorable Mention: “great character, creative use of toothpicks”

Griffin, Age 9, Hedgehog Sculpture

Honorable Mention: “Most Informative”

Phifer, Age 7, Untitled

Honorable Mention: “The movement in this piece really comes alive”

Heath, Age 8, Lost in Darkness

Honorable Mention: “The movement in this piece really comes alive”

Lisa, School Age, Untitled

Honorable Mention: “I’d like to go there”

Josie, Age 7, Playground of Wonder

Honorable Mention: “Excellent use of color and texture.” 

Spencer, Age 8, Loreto Mexico

Honorable Mention: “Great use of the elements and principles of design. I especially like the different squares depicting the seasonal changes. The earth in the center of the petals? A nice touch!”

Eleanor, Age 12, A Dream World where Light shines and illuminates... Darkness shows how to improve... And underneath is Love, Empathy, and Hope for All

Honorable Mention: “I really like your use of texture”

Kenzie, Age 7, Untitled

Honorable Mention: “Good skills in design, color, and markers”

Logan, Age 8, My Peace Sign

The full gallery is below, click to enlarge each piece of art, and appreciate the care, attention, and dedication of these young artists as they cultivate their talents.