Support Local Farmers

It Matters if you support your local farmers.

Now that Saturday Market is open you have the opportunity to select fresh produce from a wide variety of local famers. While you are enjoying the Market take the time to get to know the local farmers and perhaps sign up for CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Signing up for a CSA box gives you an opportunity to receive a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, grains, beans, meat, dairy, eggs or flowers, fresh from the farm.

You may receive vegetables you are not familiar with and perhaps you may say “I don’t even think I like this food” but foods come with suggestions for preparing. These recipes may become favorites. If a box is too large for your family consider sharing with a friend or neighbor. You will receive a box weekly during the growing season. They can be delivered to convenient local neighborhood drop sites. Eating locally and seasonally improves the local economy, our health and that of the planet, increases food security and reduces our carbon footprint.

Expectations of earthquakes reminds us that food has to come from somewhere and if it is not locally produced we are not guaranteed of secure sources for our food. A 2016 study estimates 60-80% of carbon impact on the planet comes from household consumption. Consider the cost of shipping (fuel, storage, transportation, freshness) as well as the livelihood of the farmers who make up our community. Think of local farmers and ranchers at work producing healthful, fresh foods closer to their markets. It is an economy blending local labor and productive landscape with clean air for greener living in contrast to more pavement and shopping malls.

You can do other things to support local farmers: Be an active citizen and make your voice heard on local farming issues; get involved in local land planning issues. Get to know your farmer neighbors; take your children or class to visit a farm and explain to them where their food comes from. BUY


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