Small Group Ministry (SGM)

The purposes of the SGM program are to build community with deeper connections and friendships, to explore personal and spiritual growth, and to provide service, implemented through a series of meetings with a small group of people. Find out more here.


Men’s Groups

Being a man is a curious existence. Sometimes easy. Sometimes confusing. The opportunity for men to meet with other men can have some significant payoffs.

Our mens’ groups were started in the early 1980’s and have been meeting regularly since. Always we have been a support group for men, seeking to understand men, and discussing anything of interest to us. Attendance has been as few as one and as many as two dozen.

Currently there are two open Men’s Groups, one which meets on the first and third Wednesday nights at 7:00pm, and the other which meets on the second and fourth Wednesday nights at 7:00pm, for about two hours at church.

Nothing is ever required of anyone. All activities are strictly voluntary and anyone can choose to participate or not at any time. We want everyone to feel comfortable, always.

Sister Circles

Open to all church attendees who self-identify as women and who would like to be part of a sister circle.

Sister Circle meets on the first Tuesday of each month from 2-4pm in the Chapel

Spirited Sisters meets on the third Thursday of each month from 2-4pm in the Chapel. Laramie Palmer, 

Please know we will now have continuous opportunities for forming new groups. We will form groups according to schedule needs and interests. If interested, call Sister Circle Coordinator Katie Clay, 541-338-2960.

Non-UUCE Affiliated Support groups that meet at our location:

Create a Group

If you’d like to start a new group, gather people together and fill out the UUCE Group Charter. Need help? Contact the Minister or Treasurer.

The purpose of the Charter is to encourage group identity and autonomy while promoting right relations across all groups and individuals within our beloved community, celebrating our larger congregational covenant while supporting activities and allocating resources when approved by the Board of Trustees. 

Download the charter form here: UUCE-Group-Charter

Send your Charter to Board Secretary.