Sunday Morning Volunteering

Every Sunday there is someone(s) who is attending for the first time. They may be totally overwhelmed, a bit hesitant, unsure, needing simple direction on where to go. You may remember your first time coming to UUCE. Did anyone greet you? Introduce themselves to you after the service? Welcome you? Let you know where to get coffee or tea or where a meeting or class was being held? There are a variety of ways to help extend welcome:

The Welcome Table

Is situated in the rear of the sanctuary. Newcomers are directed there to get nametags, an order of service, more information about UUCE and to fill out informational forms. We always need people to staff the table.

Contact: Patti Holtz


Greeters are stationed by each of our three entrances to greet, welcome, give people orders of service, and direct people where to go.


Ushers help prepare the sanctuary for worship by putting out hymnals and song books needed for the service. They also greet people and help them find seats. During the service they do a head count, pass out and collect the offering baskets. Ushers keep an eye out for folks who may leave the sanctuary looking for the restroom or how to get to the Faith Formation rooms.

After the service the ushers pick up the hymnals and song books, stack them on the cart and return the cart to the Library where they are stored. Ushers also pick up orders of service that are left behind and recycle them.

Contact: Christina Wagner via text @541-619-0677

Worship Associates

Worship Associates are lay persons who team with clergy and other staff to lead Sunday morning worship services. Depending on the Sunday and kind of worship, they have varying roles in the service. To be a worship associate, please contact the minister.

Contact: Rev. Lo.


How can anyone hang around after the service and socialize without coffee or tea?! The Hospitality team makes sure that there is plenty of coffee and hot water for tea as well as snacks for all ages. Hospitality volunteers arrive about 30 minutes prior to the service and stay about 30 minutes after the service to set up and clean up. We have someone who does the dishes for us every week as their volunteer contributions.

Contact: Robin Shantz-Mulford