Now More Than Ever!

Bird & Hands edited for cardsWe are a congregation of high – and deep – aspirations. Grounded in our principles, we cultivate lives of meaning, reverence and depth; we create sanctuary where all hands are held; we act together toward justice, healing and sustainability.

This is the time to embrace our aspirations and the dreams that they inspire. Already, our mutual nurturing has made so much possible. We have grown in vitality as a place of love and transformation. We have made our church a sanctuary, a source of inspiration, a meaningful spiritual home.

We are all stewards of our church’s health. Our individual and congregational values guide us toward giving our time, talent and treasure. Together we make a conscious effort to dream big and to make those dreams come true. We commit ourselves to the well-being and sustenance of our congregation and the wider community.

Annual Financial Commitment

Financial sharing is a commitment to uphold our community. Each of us can take pleasure in contributing to the active life of the Church as it sustains us and reaches out to others.

Our annual gifts support the many ministries of the church in our beautiful, accessible church home: Sunday Worship; Music; Contemplative Practices; Passages of Life; Lifespan Religious Education; Small Group Ministries; Pastoral Care; Outreach through our Conestoga Huts, Service in Action initiatives, Earth EqUUity Food Project, and the Sanctuary Project for refugees and immigrants; our Professional Staff and Minister; our Ministerial Intern; and much more.

Financial sharing is a commitment to uphold what we are creating together. For your annual commitment, please see the UUA’s Fair Share Contribution Guide (“Guide”) at   If you are already on the Guide, please consider moving to the next category. If you are not on the Guide, please consider a plan and a timeline to become a fair share giver. The Guide takes into account that our financial circumstances vary – every gift is accepted with gratitude!

Capital Campaign Commitment

Expansive possibilities can happen when we pledge our financial support. This year, in addition to our annual stewardship giving we are launching a Capital Campaign. Our goal is to free our future by paying down more than half of our mortgage over the next three years.

Our mortgage claims about 20% of our annual budget and in 2017, the income from the sale of our former building will end. By planning ahead and reducing our mortgage payments we can assure the success of our dreams for the future. Please see your campaign brochure for the Capital Gifts Table to determine what you can give to help us reach our goal of $650,000 together! As of June 15, we have commitments of $559,965!

For your capital gift, consider an amount that would double what you give annually and spread that gift over a three-year period. Please see the chart in your brochure for examples.



• Download, print and complete a 2017-18 Annual Pledge Form and place in the offering plate, return it to the church office via mail or in person.


• Give electronically via the ‘Donate’ button at the top of this web site

You can pay your pledge by writing a check, paying by credit card, donating stock or an IRA or  having the funds automatically deducted from your checking account. For automatic checking account or credit card payments, please fill out the Auto Deposit Form. It’s an easy and convenient way to give and it can be changed easily if your financial circumstances change.

If you are donating stock, the account numbers are on the back side of the pledge form (accessed above under HOW TO GIVE). Please notify our treasurer at when you or your broker makes a stock donation so that we know there are incoming securities and who has donated them.

Thank you for your support of our beloved community!