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  • Steve Goldman

    says on:
    January 27, 2017 at 1:04 am

    Dear Rev. Sydney,

    As I read you message to me this evening (entitled “Counting you in!”), I am wondering, do you realize that I am the person you spoke to on Wednesday night in the church lobby about the four members of the UU Wednesday night men’s group who died recently? It would have been nice if you had made a reference to what we spoke about. Otherwise, your letter seems to me like an impersonal mass mailing, which is not an effective way to communicate with me.

    Perhaps you also are not aware that I previously was a very active, dues-paying member of the UU church. I organized several workshops and film showings at the church as a member of the “Green Sanctuary,” including the “Urban Homesteading” workshop led by the distinguished UO law professor and author Mary Wood, a personal friend. I also donated many hours of my time helping to repair and remodel the new UU church.

    Unfortunately, I became dis-spirited by a number of experiences I had at the church, both with church members and with church leaders, and I chose to stop coming and, instead, to devote my considerable creative energies and passions elsewhere.

    If you are interested in speaking with me about any of these things, I would be happy to come meet with you.


    Steve Goldman
    Home: 541-686-3056
    Cell: 541-852-3333