Note: This page lists the name and phone number for staff members. To contact a member of church staff via email, use the Contact Us page to send a message to your desired staff person. 


Rev. Lois Van Leer
Phone: 541-686-2775×1

Ministerial Intern

Jennifer A. Hackett, MDiv
Phone: 541-686-2775×7

Coordinator of Faith Formation and Spiritual Development

Katy Siepert
Phone: 541-686-2775×5

Coordinator of Children's Programming

Ezra Black
Phone: 541-686-2775×2

Music Director

Mitchell T. Davey
Phone: 541-686-2775×4


Susanne Giordano
Organist and Pianist

Office Administrator

Isabelle (Izzy) Crecca
Phone: 541-686-2775×3

Bookkeeper & Office Administrator

Jen Dondero
Phone: 541-686-2775×6


Ghani Djamai
Phone: 541-686-2775×7