Black Lives Matter Resources:

In SpiritJam we have discussed the connections between the principles of the Black Lives Matter movement and our UU Principles. To help fulfill our commitment to inclusion and justice, below are some resources for both kids and parents to help learn about and spark discussion around systemic racism and what Black Lives Matter means. The letter to parents from Katy contains parent focused links, while the other links and videos below were recommended by SJ staff and parent volunteers and are more focused towards kids and youth.

  • 13 Principles of Black Live Matter for Kids
  • What can We do? (List from SpiritJam 6/7/2020)
    • Petitioning
    • Protesting/marching/sit ins
    • Calling/writing to your representatives
    • Donating
    • Educating yourself/others
    • Creating art to share

Click here for a printable coloring page/writing prompt about what BLM means to You. Share it with us in the RE Facebook Group, and to your own social media tagging the creators: @ColorfulPagesOrg.

Links to Crafts and Activities

Stories and Other Videos

Below are some songs, stories, and other uplifting videos shared by your teachers!

ReGrowing Food from Home:

It’s easy to grow food from your own scraps! By cutting off pieces that you wouldn’t typically eat, putting them in water, and then transferring them to the soil, you can grow even more food! 

See the following videos from Teacher Alexa, which walk you through how to regrow different foods. Click here for a full article with illustrations from

Videos from Teacher Alexa

Check back soon for a full garden tour!

Coloring Pages

Here are coloring pages, found by RE staff or shared with us from UUCE Members:

Songs and Music

Be Who You Are – Samara Jade

Chords: A – G – D repeated 


I need you to be who you are (repeat), Nobody else can play that part, so I need you to be who you are          x2

You light up the night with the light of a shining star                                      x4

Light up the dark, with the medicine in your heart                                         x4

Lyrics: (to the tune of “Shortenin’ Bread”) 

Every little cell in my body is happy, every little cell in my body is well. x2

I’m so glad, every little cell, in my body is happy and well x2

Every Little Cell – Allison Davies

This is the song we danced to with our little friends like Marcel.

Other Resources

More to come – this space under construction!