We need radical change. For this grassroots work we need courage and strength, and each other. For now, take a deep breath… take a walk in nature… take a neighbor’s hand… take a moment to remember why we protest, why we rally,
why we march:
– allows for people who have a common issue to gather in public space;
– redefines public space for assembly, dialogue, expression instead of silence, isolation, violence;
– connects people’s hearts, feelings and voices energetically;
– gives us practice in trusting our intuition, collectively;
– interrupts the “normal” way of being in public space when normal is protecting oppressive ways of being.
– a form of collective communication: shows the national what is concerning locally, and international community solidarity and outrage through media, social media;
– helps those most impacted feel like they have support, a voice, even when state-controlled media, education systems, are silencing or isolating stories of oppression and violence.
– practicing a protected right under the constitution: freedom of assembly.
– practice being in solidarity, what your role is, while confronting the police state.
– a way to garner masses to for social, political, economic change, a space to reject whats wrong and envision what we
want. I have seen changes happen because of protesting.
Protesting for me is about holding a space. (Hold the space, hold the space, hold the space, love each other, be wise about infiltrators, hold the space.)
Whether you take to the streets or not, now is the time to figure out your role in standing in solidarity with the most impacted communities, many of whom have been out in the streets for decades.
From Earthkeepers

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