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Labor of Love

What a great day with people working all over the church.  Thanks to the many folks who led and participated in this cleanup and construction day.

Raring To Go

Dear Current, Past and Future Choir Songbirds, I hope you are ready and raring to go, as I am, for another great season of getting together and making beautiful music! Several things here to...

Rummage Sale Success

The Rummage Sale was a great success, bringing in $4,100 to date. We still have a few items we are marketing on Craigslist and some of the neighborhood groups’ listservs. Contact Phyllis O’Neill, Nita...

UUCE a Pokeman Go Gym

The latest app craze has arrived at UUCE, which is a Pokeman Go Gym.  We’ve already seen people gathering out front to play this amazing game.  Here’s a summary from CNet…. The phenomenon known...