Kimberly Wootan – Intern Minister

Sunday, August 14 for Kimberly Wootan, Intern Minister, her last sermon at UUCE…it was a special one and is available here in full:

Notes from Your Intern Minister

Now has come the times to start to say goodbye.

It has been so wonderful learning here from you all and I know that you are a big reason why I will be a success in whatever endeavours I undertake. As I move into my preparation for clinical pastoral education at River Bend I want to remind you of a few things:

Love wins

One, that no matter what happens in the world love wins. I know that this next year will bring its challenges and that things rarely go the way we think they should go. Nevertheless, even if we have small successes, who we love and how we love matters. Black lives matter, the poor and children matter, the rich, middle class and Asians matter, everyone across the gender spectrum matters, everyone across the mental and abilities spectrum matter. We can love and by our action of love change the way the world operates.

You matter

Two, that you matter. Remember that as we move into the difficult work that this world needs it is imperative that we take care of our bodies/souls and this worlds body and soul. Make sure to take care yourselves. Eat well and enjoy the fruits of the earth. Walk, slide or glide out and about this planet and soak in her beauty. Sleep under the stars and rest under trees. Three, don’t stop. Don’t stop caring and sharing the good news that Unitarian Universalism brings to the world. Talk to your neighbours, the kids in the park, and people on buses and planes. One of the things I have been chewing on is this idea of invitation.

We have a lot to offer

We have a lot to offer but we, I, can be bolder in inviting people to what we have to share. So I will take up this challenge as I begin to work outside our denomination and with the new friends I will make in secular settings. I invite you to do the same. It is easier to show people our good will than to tell them about it.

Last, remember that I love all of you. It has been my privilege to share with you in all of the fun and heartache that we have lived through this year. I will take all the love I have felt from you and remember that this world, this creation is worth the struggle for there is joy in beloved community.

Kimberly Wootan Ministerial Intern

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