Come visit the June exhibit by Tom Gettys, a local artist and teacher.  You can reach him at

About the Art

With all photography, mastery of darkroom techniques is essential for revealing the emotional character of a scene that inspired an image to be captured in the first place.  Today’s digital darkroom offers a vast assortment of tools and filters.  In learning how to use them I came upon a technique for creating an abstract image from a photo which really captured my imagination!

Extending and enhancing the technique eventually led to my abstract mandala images.  They are characterized by a richness of color and detail.  While most are discarded, the ones I keep are because I find them very compelling visually and emotionally evocative.

About the prints

My images are printed using pigment inks on archival-quality Fujifilm photo paper with a lustre finish.  Interested in a larger format?  Let’s talk!

About the Artist

I am a faculty member in the Mathematics Department at a local college, and have always been drawn to the intersection of mathematics and the visual arts.  I am also an administrator of a Photoshop Elements forum which brings me into contact with other photographic artists on a daily basis.  Woven through all of that is my life-long enjoyment in making music; these days it is music of the Baroque and Renaissance, played on the recorder and viola da gamba.

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