We invite you to learn more about our congregation and Unitarian Universalism.


Ongoing – Sunday mornings, 11:15 am-12:15 pm – Chapel

The Inquirers Series is offered every Sunday in the Chapel. Eight topics are covered, one per session, and repeated throughout the year, drop-in anytime. The series is designed for visitors and newcomers who are looking for a general introduction, and yet the sessions are also appealing to long-time members who want more information about our church. The goal of this series is to provide an understanding of our church and Unitarian Universalist history and practices. 

The 8 session cycle includes:

  1. Q&A with a Minister
  2. Unitarian Universalist History, Pt I, Principles & Sources
  3. Unitarian Universalist History, Pt II, UUCE History & Campus Tour
  4. Faith Development: Adult & Children’s Programs
  5. Worship & Seasons of the Year
  6. Social Action & Community Service
  7. Pastoral Care & small group programs
  8. Membership 101



This informational and interactive class is held once a year, in the spring. The 2018 session is scheduled for Saturday March 10.

Want to learn more?  Please contact via email at, by phone at 541-870-2054.


In this session you’ll learn of the highlights of the Unitarian Universalist history, philosophy and principles.  There will be time for asking questions, and for sharing with other newcomers your spiritual journey, religious ideas and values.  This can help you identify what you are looking for in a church home, as you learn more about UUCE’s traditions, mission, programs and guidelines.