New Roles for UUCE Staff

  • Sarah Skochko will start on August 26 as Coordinator of Membership, Outreach, and Social Media. She will also preach, be available for pastoral care, and collaborate on implementation of programs at UUCE.
  • Katy Siepert will move into the position of Director of Faith Formation, focusing on high schoolers through elders. She will also be doing Clinical Pastoral Education at River Bend Hospital 20 hours a week in the same program that Kimberly Wooten and Sarah Skochko have gone through. On Sundays, Katy will continue to provide “The Story” as well as participate more fully in the worship service.
  • Ezra Black will take over programming responsibilities for middle schoolers on down to our babies.
  • Rev. Lo will continue in her role as the Developmental Minister at UUCE with an eye toward shoring up governance, expanding lay pastoral care, and continuing to work with other staff to create worship that has depth and value. She values collaboration and shared leadership with lay and professional staff, and by contract, she is the head of staff.
  • Mitch Davey will be our new choir director. Please welcome him warmly into our community.

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