Music Committee

The Music Committee plays an active role in the Music Program at UUCE. Meeting once a month, they help with volunteer coordination for and scheduling of musical events, help to manage the annual music budget, support the Music staff, and work on long-range Music Program Development. Their behind-the-scenes involvement is essential to the success of the Music Program.


The Music Committee is composed of 5-8 non-elected choir and non-choir members and friends of the church who serve one-year renewable terms. Responsibilities include supporting the Music Program by offering constructive feedback on decisions considered by the Music Director; suggesting ways in which to build on the health and outreach of the program; helping coordinate and produce special music events; making recommendations in conjunction with the Music Director regarding the Music Program budget; making available to the congregation a brochure providing information about the music program; assisting in the process of hiring music staff; and advocating for the Music Director when appropriate.