UUCE is happy to be able to offer a variety of ways to conduct your church related committee meetings, group gatherings, and church wide events. Using our calendar request form you may request a physical and/or virtual space to hold your event. 

First, check the Full Facility Calendar, for a comprehensive list of all events happening in our building or hosted on of our Zoom accounts. Then, use the Room Request Form to request your meeting or event be added. Use the location option to select your desired physical space, or to indicate this is an online event, either hosted by UUCE or hosted by another account. You can use the description section to communicate any questions you may have about the in-person or virtual element of a meeting. 

We have two types of device to help connect the virtual element of a meeting with those who are attending in person. The Portal TV carts, which each offer a camera and microphone, and will display the Zoom participants on a 55″ screen are user friendly, and multiple carts are available. The Meeting OWL provides a different angle on a Zoom meeting for those participating virtually, with a panoramic view that adjusts to highlight whomever is speaking. Include either piece of equipment in your room set up request, and we’ll ensure they’re ready for use!