Minister’s Message

A magnificent spring unfurls itself these May days, as refulgent as Emerson’s summer days in his Harvard Divinity School commencement Address in which nature’s bright blessings prompted conventionshattering religious inquiries. “’What am I?’ And ‘What is?’ asks the human spirit with a curiosity newkindled, but never to be quenched.”

Never to be quenched! Instead, our UU lifelong religious lives offer sweet refreshment from the quest itself, our religious movement invites us, as the hymn sings: “Love calls us on.” This is an exciting, poignant, wondering and hopeful time at the church as we say our goodbyes and look toward the next eras. Your summer minister, Kimberly Wootan, will serve you as Reverend because you will ordain her on May 6th in a ceremony both ancient and future-forming. Your Director of Lifespan Religious Education Katy will be back from sabbatical revitalized and enriched; your Music Director Brad will be present as Jean Cottell coordinates music, and the summer will unfold in its beauty and anticipation.

I will be having a family year starting July 1st, and reveling in young life as it stretches and grows, finding spiritual renewal once again in religious practices that are “one with the blowing clover and falling rain” of nature, as Emerson put it, through both retreat and travel. This May of ordination, investiture, Music Sunday and ministerial reflection points us to the theme of Centering. As one of our year’s goals expresses, we welcome “transformation that is both sustainable and centering.” Together we learn to grow stronger, deeper, even wiser; we grow in compassion and faith.

See you in church, Rev Sydney

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