Bridgekeepers: Young Adult Group

As youth transition out of high school and into new life experiences, whether that be college, working, moving out on their own, starting a business, navigating roommates, or any combination of these, it can be good to have a familiar place to look to as a touchstone. Bridgekeepers is designed to offer that touchstone for young people who have crossed into young adulthood.


To connect young adults to one another, in service to deepening our connections to the wider world.

This young adult (18~24) program is designed to provide social connections, fun & support during the transition from adolescence to adulthood. Session materials are provided. Topics & activities are determined by the group.


The group is currently in transition and looking for new leadership. If you are interested, please contact our credentialed Director of Lifespan Religious Education, Katy Siepert.


Please visit again for more information – dates and times will be posted soon.