Weekly eBulletin 6/19/16

Week of June 19, 2016


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WELCOME TO WORSHIP – Every Sunday in the Sanctuary, along the north wall, you will find candles and water along with a book in which to share your blessings, prayers, sorrows, and joys.

JUNE 19 SERMON TOPIC – “The Greatest Need.”   With so much at risk and so much in need, how do we choose where to put our precious time and energy?  How can we collectively and individually find the place where our passion and the world’s call intersect?

COMMUNITY OFFERING – Immigrants seeking asylum need money for lawyers and gasoline for trips to court. Grupo Latino de Accion Directa helps, and the local nonprofit will receive our community offering on June 19. Read more about the group’s work in the June 9 cover story in “Eugene Weekly” (http://bit.ly/1WKLYl5). In May, we raised $1,106.52 for Burrito Brigade. Thank you! Marilyn Milne, community-offering@uueugene.org.

INFORMATION AND FUNDRAISING TABLES, Sun., 6/19/16, 11am-noon, Lobby, South Entry – Kindness Team greeting card project, Fair Trade Coffee Cart.

NEWCOMER MEET AND GREET – On Sunday, June 19, and on the third Sunday of each month, right after the service. Are you new to our congregation? Do you have questions or are you maybe just looking for some friendly conversation? Come join us in the Minister’s office, 11:15-11:45am. Bring your refreshments with you.  Hosted by the Membership Committee. Erin Troberg, memb-chair@uueugene.org,  541-344-8259.

THE UU REFUGEE SANCTUARY PROJECT meets on Sunday, June 19th from 11:30am-12:30pm in Room 7. Connie Newman, refugees@uueugene.org. 


Our Aspirations remind us “… together we act toward justice, healing and sustainability.”  

June’s theme is an investigation into UU sensibilities of justice.

CONTEMPLATIVE PRACTICES – Join us each Monday from 5:00-5:45pm in the Chapel to share in silent and walking meditation. meditation@uueugene.org.

JOIN US NEXT SUNDAY, JUNE 26, FOR UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST (UUA) GENERAL ASSEMBLY (GA) IN EUGENE – At UUCE we will be connecting with the UUA GA, which is occurring in Columbus, Ohio. We will start with worship from 10-11am. Then there will be a catered lunch, followed by breakout workshops on various topics. We will end with an ice cream social.

CUUPs-SPONSORED COMMUNITY NETWORKING SOLSTICE RITUAL, POTLUCK, AND DANCE – Open to UUCE and the larger community: everyone welcome. Group dancing with “Dances of Universal Peace.” Finger food and dessert potluck. Monday, June 20, 2016, 6:00-8:30pm, S, SH. Suggested donation $5.00-$10.00. Grace Hart, jghart@efn.org, 541-517-1372.

CUUPs SUMMER SCHEDULE – There is no Sunday CUUPs discussion group for June, July, or August. The only Sunday CUUPs activity until September is CUUPs lunch meetup on the third Sundays of June, July and August, 11:45am-1:00pm, off-site.  Every Monday night, except for June 20, there is CUUPs Rune Class, 6:30-7:15pm, in Room 7. Grace Hart, jghart@efn.org, 541-517-1372 cell, 541-935-3708 home.


SUMMER RELIGIOUS EDUCATION SESSION: BUILDING COMMUNITY – The summer program theme is Building Community, and the children will get to take part in actively helping to build our beautiful new church playground. Please see the June newsletter and the bulletin board display for details and dates of building sessions, including Sunday, June 26, 10am-2pm. Katy Siepert, uucedre@uueugene.org, 541-686-2775×2.


TOUCHSTONE TUESDAY POTLUCK – Tuesdays, 5:30-7pm, Social Hall and Kitchen.  Bring a kid — or a potluck dish to share. Grace offered at 6:00pm. Contact: Lizzy Utterback, 858-204-3938; Owen Ott, 541-953-8220; tuesdaypotluck@uueugene.org.

MEMBERSHIP BOOK IS AVAILABLE FOR SIGNING – on the fourth Sunday of every month at 9:00am in the Minister’s Office. The next date is June 26, 2016.

CARING THOUGHTS – Please take a moment to send a card to a member or friend who may need a caring thought. Cards are provided on the table under the ministers’ pictures in the lobby hall. The Kindness Team will address and stamp the cards. Thank you! Eileen Adee, 541-461-0890.

UUCE BIRDERS – We meet early Tuesday mornings for birdwatching and breakfast. YOU are welcome to join us for this pleasant endeavor. Contact Mike Berg, forthebirds@uueugene.org, 541-357-3145, or join the listserv to learn where we will be meeting each week. (See our birding webpage.)

UUCE MEN’S GROUPS – Two men’s groups meet at UUCE, and are open to all men. One group meets on the 1stand 3rd, and the other on 2nd and 4th Wednesday nights, 7-9pm. We have open discussions on different topics that change each week. See Men’s Groups web page on UUCE website. Coordinators: Jim Kayser, kayser_j@msn.com, 541-484-1840; and Bob Coleman, bobbyland36@gmail.com, 541-972-0370.

SCENTS: A GENTLE REMINDER. We invite your courtesy in refraining from wearing scents at church. Some attendees are surprisingly sensitive and even allergic to them. As we accommodate others with special needs, let’s also ensure these folks feel included in our worship and social opportunities. Thank you.


SUPPORT OUR AWESOME CHURCH!!  Haven’t had a chance to pledge yet? You know you want to help out. Please help support our ongoing ministries for the 2016-17 church year with a pledge. Thank you! Please contact: Judy Shaw, judy_a_shaw@hotmail.com, 541-359-6074; or Kay Crider, kaycrider@me.com, 541-968-9988.

FISCAL YEAR ENDS JUNE 30 – so it is time to wrap up this year’s pledges. If you think that you might not be able to meet your current pledge please contact me so that we can determine if our funding for this year will be adequate. Dave DeCou, treasurer@uueugene.org or 541-513-5360.

PLANT CARE BUDDY NEEDED – If you can help serve as an indoor plant care buddy, please contact Betty Ehrlich, bgehrlich1@aol.com, 541-687-9229. This is an easy and enjoyable weekly task.

UUCE YARD SALE COMING SATURDAY, JULY 16, 2016 – Save the date and help raise money for UUCE. Volunteers needed. For information about planning sessions and details, please contact: Nita White, 541-343-7537; or Phyllis O’Neill, 541-510-2739 or use yardsale@uueugene.org.


DIRTY ENERGY AND DIRTY MONEY – Events designed to raise awareness about the influence of money on attempts to pass legislation and ballot initiatives to address environmental issues will be held at six places around Oregon during the latter part of June. One of these events will be in the Sanctuary at UUCE on Tuesday, June 21, 6:30-8:30pm. All are welcome. Bill Rodgers, wrodgers@umich.edu.

FOOD FOR LANE COUNTY FOOD RESCUE NIGHT –Thursday, June 23, 6:30-8:30pm, 770 Bailey Hill Road, Eugene. UUCE has made a commitment for at least 6 volunteers for our monthly evening at FFLC. We meet to repackage food donated for those in our community who are experiencing food insecurity. 33% of people served by FFLC are families with children. Wear a hat or ponytail and closed toe shoes. Volunteers must be at least 14 years old, or 12 or 13 years old and accompanied by an adult. Contact Berry Broadbent, Service in Action, hunger@uueugene.org, 541-344-9037.

TOUCH JUSTICE – This group is now in the process of contacting Oregon senators and representatives to be on board to co-sponsor, along with chief sponsor Senator Prozanski, a Measure which addresses a US Constitutional Amendment for Personhood, declaring corporations and money do not have the same legal rights as individual citizens. More information coming in July newsletter, and from Diane Conrad, touchjustice@uueugene.org, 541-942-6113.

FOOD FOR LANE COUNTY DONATION BARREL – For June the request is for tomato products, including canned tomatoes of all types, tomato sauce and paste, ketchup, etc. Donated food must be conventionally packaged, which means no bulk food, no fresh fruits or veggies, no glass jars, and no expired dates. Berry Broadbent, hunger@uueugene.com or 541-344-9037.

OCCUPY MEDICAL AND FIRST PLACE FAMILY CENTER – appreciate over the counter medical supplies, summer clothes for kids and adults, and sleeping bags placed in the barrel near the kitchen entrance. Also needed and appreciated are volunteers on Sunday afternoon at 8th Avenue and Oak Street in Eugene to set up, greet, and take down. More ideas at http://occupy-medical.org/donations/. Service in Action, Ruth Duemler, 541-484-6145.


LOST AND FOUND – Please reclaim your items from closet in the hall next to the RE office. After July 1, 2016, we will donate all items to St. Vincent De Paul.  Questions to Martha Snyder, 541-484-0197, lostandfound@uueugene.org.

THE UUCE CONNECTIONS NEWSLETTER – Announcements of the new issues will be sent to you via email when you subscribe to the (5 messages a month) UUCE-News listserv at https://uueugene.org/about-us/e-bulletin/. You can read it on the website at https://uueugene.org/about-us/newsletter/. For our blind members and friends using screen readers, we now offer a text-only version on request. Bonnie Koenig, editor, publications@uueugene.org.

OUR FACEBOOK PAGES – https://www.facebook.com/UUEugene and https://www.facebook.com/groups/UUChurchEugene/.


Peru: Always wanted to experience Machu Picchu? Join us March 25-April 5, 2017. Our journey will be filled with comfortable places to stay, Shamanic conversations, lovely food, water blessings at an old Inca spring, beautiful natural vistas and reflections while sitting on a mountain top.

Portugal/Spain, May 14-24, 2017, from Lisbon to Santiago de Compostela. Along the way, we enjoy soulful Fado music, a tile-making workshop, wine, port and culinary tastings, and a bit of a walk on the Camino. Imagine cruising down the Douro River tasting Port while reflecting on the scenic vineyard-covered hillsides.

Journeys led by UU minister, Wayne Walder, Toronto, Canada, www.nuuc.ca  To receive a detailed itinerary for either journey, please email Beverlz@me.com. To learn more about Mindful Journeys go to http://nuuc.ca/spiritual-growth/spiritual-practice/mindful-journeys/.

Legend: C=Chapel; Cmte=Committee; CUUPs=Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans; K=Kitchen; Lo=Lobby; MO=Minister’s Office; RE=Religious Education; Rm=Room; S=Sanctuary; SE=South Entry; SH=Social Hall; SIA=Service In Action.


for week beginning 06/19/16


Sunday, 6/19

9:45-11:15am         Childcare (infants and toddlers), Rooms 4.

10:00-11:00am       Church Service, Community Offering, Sanctuary, Social Hall.

10:15-11:15am       Children’s RE (ages 3-12), Building Community, Rm 3. Katy S.

11:00am-noon        Information and Fundraising Tables, Social Hour, Lo, SH, SE.

11:15-11:45am       Newcomer Meet and Greet, MO. Erin Troberg, 541-344-8259.

11:30am-12:30pm  UU Refugee Sanctuary Project Mtg., Room 7. Connie Newman.

11:45am-1:00pm    CUUPs Lunch Meetup, off-site. Grace Hart, 541-517-1372 cell.

Monday, 6/20

5:00-5:45pm           Contemplative Practices, Chapel. Kimberly Wootan.

6:00-8:30pm           CUUPs Summer Solstice & Dances Universal Peace, S, SH, K.

Tuesday, 6/21

8:00-10:00am         UU Birders, off-site. Contact: Mike Berg, 541-357-3145.

9:00am-noon          Open Church Work Party. Eric Swegles, 414-339-8156.

1:00-2:00pm           Communications Task Force, Rm 6. D. Loescher, 541-485-1157.

5:30-7:00pm           Potluck, Touchstone Tuesday, SH, K. Lizzy U. 858-204-3938.

6:30-8:30pm           Dirty Energy&Dirty Money,S. Bill Rodgers, wrodgers@umich.edu.

Wednesday, 6/22

7:00-9:00pm          Open Men’s Group, Room 7. Bob Coleman, 541-972-0370.

Thursday, 6/23

6:30-8:30pm           Food For Lane Co. Vlntr, off-site, Berry Broadbent, 541-344-9037.

Friday, 6/24

9:30am-1:30pm     Sewing @ UUCE, Rm 6. Rouanna Garden, sewing@uueugene.org.

Saturday, 6/25      No open UUCE events listed.

Sunday, 6/26

9:00-9:30am           Membership Book Signing, MO. Erin Troberg, 541-344-8259.

9:45-11:15am         Childcare (infants and toddlers), Room 4.

10:00-11:00am       Church Service, Sanctuary, Social Hall.

10:00am-2:00pm    New Cob Structure Build Session, Playground. Katy Siepert.

10:15-11:15am       Children’s RE (ages 3-12), Building Community, Rm 3. Katy S.

11:00am-noon        Information and Fundraising Tables, Social Hour, Lo, SH, SE.