From the Board regarding the new Governance Policies

The Board is proud of its achievement in Policy Governance Reform. The new Governance Policies, as of May 2015, are different from our previous policies in structure, function and presentation. The Bylaws have not changed; that would take a vote of the congregation.

While our old policies are no longer absolute, they have been divided up by subject matter and retained on file in the event they can inform the way we do things in the future. The new policies benefit us by elevating board activities beyond the operational. The Board can monitor the successes of our goals on a timeline throughout the year while ensuring ethical practices at the operational level.

We especially suggest you glance at the Board Job Descriptions, and familiarize yourself with the new ways we identify and describe Board-appointed committees.

Read/Download the new Board Policy Governance Manual.

Sarah France, Secretary of the Board, June 2015

Safe Congregation Procedures

Procedure for Addressing Disruptive Behaviors

Children and Youth Health and Safety Policy

CUUPs Protocol and Safety

Website and Listserv Policy

Netiquette Guidelines

Old Policies Under Review

Endowment Fund Policy

Planned Giving Policy

Gift Acceptance Policy

Rental Policy and Guidelines