Unitarian Universalist churches are an association of congregations, each governed by leadership called out from among the particular congregations. In turn, that leadership collaborates with clergypersons and other members of staff to ensure the smooth running of the church. We have no popes or bishops. We practice what is known as “congregational polity” which is a fancy way of saying that ultimately, it is the people in the congregation who are in charge. And they in turn, serve the mission of the church. By law, we have to have a Board of Trustees which are responsible for the big picture: Mission and Vision, Budget, Personnel, Long Range Planning, and Policy. The staff creates and implements programming at the church often in collaboration with lay persons.

The work of UUCE is guided by our mission: “Empowered by Love, we Transform ourselves, and Serve our world.”

The Board of Trustees (4 officers, 3 members at large) is elected each year by the congregation to ensure that the church’s work follows our mission. The Board is responsible for: Policy, Personnel, Mission and Vision, Looking Ahead, and Budget. The staff and lay leaders carry out the mission of the church through programming. Three areas of ministry categorize our work. It should be noted that many of the listing under each ministry could easily fit under another ministry.

Ministry of Connection and Engagement:  Exactly what it sounds like! All the ways in which we connect to and engage with the congregation. Membership, Sunday Hospitality, Welcome Table, Greeters, Sister Circle, Men’s Group, Birders, Poetry Groups, Faith Forward/Inquirers, Art Gallery, Crafters, Young Adults, Lunch Bunch, Touchstone Tuesdays Potluck.

Ministry and Transformation and Action:  Faith Formation allows us to explore our religious and spiritual selves; if we take this learning seriously we will want to live out our faith in the world; and if we live our faith in the world we will need to be sustained through worship. This ministry has three subcategories: Faith Formation: Care for Infants and Toddlers, Children’s Programming, Youth Programming, Adult Programming, Small Group Ministry ,Coming of Age, Our Whole Lives Worship: Worship Associates, Music, Ushers Justice: Conestoga Huts, Produce Plus, Food for Lane County, Community Court, Earth Justice, Sanctuary/Refugee/Immigration.

Ministry of Sustainability: The nuts and bolts work of the church. IT, Communications, Buildings and Grounds, Safety, Generosity Network (oversees all fundraising efforts in support of the church).

Board Committees: Endowment, Financial Oversight and Review, Leadership, By-Laws

Minister Oversight: Staff, Kindness Team, Lay Pastoral Associates, Worship

Lay Ministry Leads: Each ministry has a lay ministry lead who is in touch with the committee or team leaders on a monthly basis.

A Lay Ministry Council which meets monthly is comprised of the Lay Ministry Leads of each ministry and the staff. These meetings are to strategize about gaps in ministries or to create new programming to meet congregational needs. A monthly report is sent to the Board. The role of the council is communication and creativity.  

Annual Report, 2019-2020

Click to view the UUCE Annual Report for the 2019-2020 church year.


Click to view the four month emergency budget proposal for the start of fiscal year 2020-2021. 

Please contact Katy Colburn for the latest budget information.

And thank you for your support of the church.

Board of Trustees


President: Daniel Blades

Vice President: Poppy Lochridge

Treasurer: Katy Colburn

Secretary: Frankie Hill

Members at Large (in alphabetical order):

Ryan Dopplemayr

Andrew Emmott

Susan Oldland


Click to view the most recent updates to the UUCE Bylaws. Updated 06/02/2019.