As a member of UUCE, we want to help you connect to others. To do this, we rely on…


Three acts of service during a stretch of three years. This gives you three valuable things:

1) Volunteering in RE teaches and reinforces what you may already know about being a Unitarian Universalist. By teaching, you learn, and by becoming willing to try new things and learn new things yourself, you are teaching others to do the same.

2) Volunteering in RE helps you to develop deep and lasting relationships with people – of all ages – you may not have met otherwise.

3) Volunteering in RE empowers you by giving you an experience of successful service. And who knows… once you try it, you may not want to stop!


Q. Do I have to lead a jam session or be an advisor in youth group to be counted as a volunteer?

A. No! Although leading jams and advising in youth group is incredibly rewarding and fun, it is not the only way to help out in the RE program. You could join us for a Sunday jam session, bring your enthusiasm to the RE Committee, make costumes for our Winter Pageant or help with planning for our spooky Halloween party or our Easter Egg-stravaganza… There are plenty of things to do in RE!

Q. If I lead jam sessions, will I miss service every Sunday?

A. No. You can decide how many jam sessions you want to participate in, and get involved at the level that is right for you! You want to lead one Sunday and get a feel for what teaching is like? Come on down! You decide you want to lead a jam session once or twice a month? Maybe… other people may be vying for that time, too!

Q. I don’t have any experience with kids. Will I be able to volunteer in SpiritJam?

A. Yes! We have paid staff who are skilled at working with children and are able to help you manage a classroom.

Q. Does volunteering for Adult RE count?

A. Absolutely! Sign up to lead a discussion group, organize a potluck, or even design a class in an area of interest to you.

                         Volunteering is connective, exciting, interesting, and helps to build strong relationships within our church community.

When you find a time that is right for you to volunteer, please contact the Director of Lifespan Religious Education, Katy Siepert, at uucedre@gmail.com or 541-686-2775, ext. 2