Food for Lane Count Donation Items

1 – Most Wanted Items

• Soups with protein
• Canned spaghetti sauce with meat
• Spaghetti noodles
• Corned beef or spam
• Low-fat peanut butter
• Low-sugar jam and jelly
• Packaged brown rice
• Canned or dried beans
• Canned tuna, chicken, salmon, stew
• Low-sugar canned or dried fruit
• Unsweetened applesauce
• Low-sodium broth

2 – Our UUCE barrel cannot accept the following:

  • Food items past their expiration date
  • Food packaged in glass
  • Bulk food
  • Homemade/home canned food items
  • Already opened containers
  • Fresh fruits or vegetables
  • Bakery items such as bread

All donated food items must be conventionally packaged.

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