Most Administry functions are handled by our dedicated staff, facilitated and supported by specific volunteer roles.



More than any of the other more concrete ministries, Administry is under construction. This is particularly true as we open up to opportunities to revise how we as church friends, members and organizers can best communicate with one another, using the wide variety of forms available and accessible to our wide range of people.

Financial Systems

The Board Treasurer, staff Bookkeepers and the Board-appointed Financial Oversight and Review Committee comprise the heart and soul of our Financial Systems. The Board and Staff also covenant to serve the best interests of the church and uphold high standards of fiduciary responsibility. Financial topics are addressed at all levels of rules in our congregation: our Bylaws, Board Governance Manual, and Operational Guidelines & Procedures all address financial topics.


As a community, we aspire to create sanctuary where all hands are held. That means carefully looking out for the safety of our congregation. A standing, volunteer Safety Committee works closely with the Operational Team, and serves to shore up our system of safe structural and organizational practices. This is one of the major themes found in our list of Operational Guidelines & Procedures where you will find our Safe Congregation Policy and Health and Safety Guidelines for Children and Youth.

Information Technology


That, my friends, is a joke intended for an audience that uses spreadsheet formulas as a regular part of life. Typing “=SUM(” has the effect of adding up all the values identified in parentheses. Get it, Add-ministry?! Hah.

This formula summarizes the function intended for Administry: it’s a meta-ministry; the purpose it serves is to support and streamline the good functioning of all the other ministries and the organization as a whole. This means means carefully examining data for trends, determining how to link member names with groups with ministries, and developing our web presence.


Sarah France

UUCE Board President


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