Location & Business HoursChurch Front

Unitarian Universalist Church in Eugene

1685 West 13th Avenue at Chambers, Eugene, Oregon 97402

Phone:  541.686.2775

Office Hours: Tuesday-Friday, 10:00am-2:00pm; Closed Saturday-Monday

Emergency Contacts            

Public Safety Agency Numbers:

  • Eugene Police Department:  911 or 541.682.5111
  • Eugene Fire Department:     911 or 541.682.7100
  • CAHOOTS (disruptive or mental behaviors):
    Dispatched through police, fire, or ambulance.
    Use 911 if emergency    or 541.682.5111  or 541.342.8255
  • Securecom:     541.343.5565  1940 Don Street, Springfield OR 97477
  • Oregon Poison Center:   1.800.222.1222   OHSU, Portland, OR

Urgent After Hours Responders

Fire Alarms, Emergency Security, Lights/Electrical Systems:
Eric Swegles, 541.636.3878 or cell: 414.339.8156, eswegles@yahoo.com
Emmet Band, 707.327.9386  emmet.band@gmail.com

If not urgent, send a message to the Building and Grounds listserv: BAG@uueugene.org

If the security system goes off after working hours, one of the following volunteers
will be contacted by Securecom to check on the incident: