Silvia Trujillo Paintings

Personal Statement

Now in the Art Gallery from Silvia Trujillo – I live, breathe, and sleep art. Creating art is a way of life for me. My goal is to consistently produce paintings that are original and express my love of nature. You will find me out painting on location (plein air), since this is how I paint 99% of my work. I adore color and varied value patterns. Landscape painting is a natural extension of this love and attracts me to the dramatic light that occurs during a storm or at dawn and dusk. In order to convey my vision accurately I employ the use of lost and found edges, knowledge of color temperature, a variety of brush stroke, design of space, and contrasting values. I feel deeply the effects of the vanishing natural environment, and it is my hope to pass on a respectful, caring, and thoughtful approach to preserving this area’s beauty by honoring the landscape in my paintings.

Brief Bio

With a history in fashion design, Silvia Trujillo has over 20 years of experience in fine art study, painting, and teaching. She is a master colorist, emphasizing color relationships and works in both impressionistic and realistic styles. Being influenced by post-impressionists and modernist landscape painters like Tom Thomson and Wayne Theibaud her work is bold, lively, and visually stimulating. Silvia’s love of the natural world takes her into the realms of landscape, portraiture, animals, and botanicals. Trujillo is an accomplished artist and art instructor from the Sacramento, California region. She has won numerous awards for her paintings, including “Best of Show”; and many other top awards in juried national shows. Her work has been exhibited in The Crocker Art Museum, California State Capitol Office of the Governor, and The Haggin Art Museum.

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