Board of Trustees

Front Row: Janell Heidenreich – Vice President: Wanda Kuenzli – Member at Large: Barbara Kellogg – President

Second Row: Abby Tuttle-Shamblin – Member at Large: Bob Fraley – Member at Large: Poppy Lochridge – Member at Large: Daniel Blades – Member at Large: Peter Powers – Member at Large: Katy Colburn – Treasurer: Lizzy Utterback – Secretary

The Board of Trustees act as servants and stewards of the church, consistently encouraging all leaders and members to act in good faith, in right relation, and with accountability to the UUCE Mission statement:

Empowered by love, we transform ourselves and serve the world.

The UUCE Board of Trustees consists of four elected officers of the church — President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer — and six trustees at-large. The Board of Trustees is responsible for the overall direction of the church, administering the business affairs, and establishing policies and programs to accomplish the needs and objectives of the church.

As we’ve grown in size, we’ve evolved from a Pastoral- to a Program-style organization. The Board focuses on governance and leadership through (1) policy (2) monitoring and (3) communicating. The goal is to assist in empowering an interconnected organization to work cooperatively on dynamic learning, support and social activities; worship; stewardship; administry; justice outreach to the community and the world in the spirit of right relations.

Those in the Board At-Large positions are committed to this organizational and governance work as an opportunity to serve UUCE in the present and to build toward our future vision.

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Board of Trustees 2017-2018 –
President: Barbara Kellogg, 
VicePresident: Janelle Heidenreich, 
Treasurer: Katy Colburn, 
Secretary: Lizzy Utterback: 
Members at Large (in alphabetical order):
Daniel Blades
Bob Fraley
Wanda Kuenzli
Poppy Lochridge
Peter Powers
Abby Tuttle-Shamblin